For the past week 13 fires have ravaged most of Southern California, destroying over a thousand homes and forcing hundreds of thousands of people from their homes. This also includes their four-legged friends.  With Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties declared in a state of emergency, several barns have been evacuated. It has been mentioned that Wendy Shaw and also Fran Cole among others had to evacuate within minutes and were not allowed the time to evacuate their horses.

            Fortunately Russ Thompson Stables of Devore Heights and Golden West Farms of Ontario have remained safe from the fires and are still at their facilities. Minor damage to the surrounding trees and land are the only thing that has been affected by the fires. The barns and animals are all well.

            We have received information from Lauren Shaw, daughter of Wendy Shaw that the horses they have stabled at Bouquet Creek farm did not have to be evacuated and everything at or near the barn which belongs to Bill & Betsy Marzinzik are fine pending a vet check.   The fire was extremely close to the property however, but is believed to be out of harms way at this time.