The Celebration's Spring Fun Show was supposed to be on Memorial Day weekend and celebrate the beginning of summer in the Walking Horse industry. Then the world changed in a matter of days. But the time has come to begin the process of returning some normalcy and the Fun Show is here.

The Celebration is asking those in the stands to take a bigger part in the show.  “We are asking our fans to become an even bigger part of the show by selecting the music to be played between classes” said Celebration CEO Mike Inman.  “Everyone can go online, select a spot, and request a favorite song.  Be it a favorite memory, foot tapping, or hand clapping selection it’s sure to add fun and excitement to each evening,” concluded Inma.  The Celebration's Fun Show will be held June 25-27, 2020 in the outdoor Maverick Arena.

To submit your favorite song click here, follow the prompts, and get ready to party to your selection!