SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. – The Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration Board of Directors has adopted a new lightning policy designed to provide safety for exhibitors and spectators alike.  The policy, along with lightning detection software, should make for the safest Celebration ever.

The Celebration’s policy was developed after studying the lightning policies of other venues and those of organizations such as the NCAA and Southeastern Conference.  The Celebration will be working in concert with the Bedford County Emergency Management Agency to stay abreast of any developing weather situation.

The policy includes the following:
• Show Manager notified when lightning is detected within 15 miles
• Public Address announcements made to inform exhibitors and patrons when lightning is detected within 10 miles
• Competition suspended when lightning is detected within 6 miles and patrons asked to vacate the seating areas
• Competition may be resumed after being given an “all clear” and no detected lightning strikes occur within a six-mile radius.

“The Celebration has needed a formal policy on lightning,” said Celebration CEO Dr. Doyle Meadows.  “Our board worked very hard and took the best ideas from other policies to form one that fits our needs best.  It gives us some structure and protocols to go by in this type situation.”

The Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration takes place each year during the 11 days and nights prior to Labor Day.  It is the premier event for the Tennessee Walking Horse, during which the breed’s World Grand Champion Tennessee Walking Horse and some 33 other World Grand Champions are crowned.  It is a festival event, encompassing exciting classes in competition where more than $700,000 in prizes and awards are given.  Other activities include a barn decorating contest, a trade fair and a dog show.  For more information, visit