The Celebration and Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ & Exhibitors’ Association (TWHBEA) have been in communication for the last two months regarding combining and merging classes into one comprehensive schedule which would eliminate the TWHBEA National Futurity as a separate show on the first Wednesday evening of The Celebration.
TWHBEA has in past years included jackpot classes and at the 2021 Futurity had a schedule of 28 classes.  TWHBEA and The Celebration are both interested in promoting a true Futurity and getting back to having true Futurity classes that qualify entries for the World Grand Championship classes at The Celebration.
As in 2021, The Celebration is utilizing its Class Sheet Committee to assist in improving the class schedule for this year’s Celebration.  A finalized scheduled, which will be sent out for a comment period, should be released by the end of March. Several ideas have been considered with a goal of there being a class for any two and three-year-old nominated entry in every division.

The entry deadline for Futurity nominations will be the same as The Celebration entry deadline on August 2, 2022. The nomination fees:
• Sire - $200 plus on stud fee donated to auction
• Dam - $50
• A $200 fee can be paid for a foal as a weanling for that foal (and mare) to be included in the Futurity for all four years.
• Weanlings - $50
•Yearlings (previously nominated) - $50
• Two & Three-Year-Olds (previously nominated) - $50
• Two & Three-Year-Olds (not previously nominated) - $250
“I am extremely excited about these changes to our show and I look forward to the excitement they will bring to this amazing breed’s Futurity program. TWHBEA has been a great collaborative partner as we have worked through the details,” said Celebration CEO Warren Wells.
David Sisk, Breeders Vice-President at TWHBEA echoed Wells’ excitement and added, “We’re excited to be adding two and thee-year-olds back to the Futurity program and appreciate The Celebration working with us to bring more excitement and provide additional recognition of the breeders of Tennessee Walking Horses.”
For more information on the TWHBEA National Futurity, call 931-359-1574 or email The 84th  Annual Celebration will be held August 24-September 3, 2022 and more information can be found at or by calling 931-684-5915.