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Celebration CEO Talks Stall Rentals and Box Seats

WHR – How are entries and stall rentals going?
DM – 95% of the entries will come in August 2nd and 3rd with the entry deadline being the close of business on August 3.  Stall rentals parallel entries and we don’t typically have them until the entry deadline.

WHR – What about barn/stall assignments?
DM – Many owners and/or trainers have had barns assigned to them for several years.  In addition those owners and trainers have made improvements to the stalls area.  The Celebration owns all the stalls, no owners or customers own any stalls (All barns are property of the Celebration, Inc.).  The improvements made by those customers also belong to The Celebration.  However, those trainers/owners who improved assigned barns have the first opportunity to utilize those assigned stalls.  This is only right as they made those improvements at their expense (porches, offices, etc.)

WHR – Will this policy continue in future years?
DM – Yes it will, but those owners and trainers who do not purchase all assigned stalls, porches, etc. will lose that priority assignment in 2011.  In order to maintain priority, all assigned stalls must be rented in 2010.

WHR – Is there a waiting list for stalls?
DM – Yes.  We have a waiting list for stalls in the new barn area.  Many people have waited years for new barn assignments and others want to rent stalls on the grounds and stay there during the Celebration.  However, we do have many stalls in the older wood barns available.

WHR – Will priority in future years be given to those staying on the grounds?
DM – Yes, it will be a factor considered as well as the number of priority assigned stalls rented for The Celebration.  As long as an owner/trainer that has an assigned barn with a designated number of stalls pays for all of those stalls they will maintain that priority status.

WHR – Can those designated owners and trainers sublet those stalls?
DM – Celebration policy says they cannot.  And everyone knows this hasn’t been enforced throughout the years.  We are more than happy to work with an owner/trainer who has a barn assignment allowing someone else utilize that barn assignment with approval from The Celebration. Subletting stalls without The Celebration’s permission will result in forfeiture of those stalls.

WHR – How are box seats assigned?
DM – All box seats that are turned in are put on a permanent list to be reassigned.  All box seats are the property of the Celebration similar to the stalls.  After the deadline of June 1, all boxes that are turned in go first to the existing box seat holders that are on the box seat improvement list.  After satisfying this list, the boxes go to those waiting on the permanent box seat assignment list.  Currently there are 274 people on that list.

WHR – Is it possible for people to turn their box in for one year and maintain that box seat assignment?
DM – Yes they can and people wanting boxes have the opportunity to pick any box on the one year only list and the box seats will stay in the original person’s name.  However, if at August 1 that box on the 1 year list has not been bought by another person, the original person turning in the box either has to buy the box or lose rights to it in future years and it will go on the permanent reassignment list.

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