After a 10% increase in entries in 2020, The Celebration announced a total of 2,262 pre-show entries for the upcoming 83rd Annual Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration. The 2,262 total is up 10 entries from last year.  “We are extremely pleased with the entries for our upcoming show. With such a large increase last year, the ability for us to continue to add entries year over year continues the positive trends we are seeing in the industry,” said Celebration CEO Warren Wells.

The number of unique horses that make up the 2,262 entries also increased from last year.  In 2020, 1,311 different horses were entered at The Celebration. In 2021 that number jumped to 1,320 horses. “Being the world championship horse show, we want to host as many horses as we possibly can and we look forward to continuing to grow this number over the next several years,” said Wells.

The 1,320 horses competing is a jump of 120 horses over two years ago. This number has been continually rising and this year’s increase is another positive sign. The 83rd Annual Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration will be held August 25th through September 4th.  For more information visit