The 75th Anniversary Celebration concluded on August 31 with 1,893 horses being presented for pre-show inspection.  Of those, 30 horses were disqualified from competition prior to showing.  One horse received two violations bringing the total number of violations found by SHOW inspectors to 31.  The 98.4% compliance with the HPA is a far different story than the one being told by opponents to the show horse industry.

An analysis of the violations shows that 20 of the 31 were either scar, unilateral or bilateral sensitivity.  Many of the other violations were either technical or non-HPA violations.  The preliminary breakdown is the following:

Bilateral – 1
Unilateral – 7
Scar Rule – 12
Illegal Shoeing – 2
Foreign Substance – 4
Unacceptable – 3
High Band – 1
Non-HPA Violations – 1

SHOW Inspectors also inspect every class winner bringing the total number of inspections conducted by SHOW to 2,087.