The Live Stream of the upcoming Celebration will be provided by What A Horse. A link will be provided on The Report's site to purchase the stream.

Due to the increase in cost over the last 4 years it has become necessary to have a slight increase in pricing for the 2013 Celebration lives stream. As a reminder, the subscribers to the live stream, run the speed test before you order your feed. This is very important to ensure you receive the highest quality picture. If you have any questions call Patrick Hawkins at 615-556-9194 or email me at

Orders can be placed starting July 29, 2013.

Single horse videos will remain $75.00 each and must be ordered and paid for in advance with the understanding there will be no refund should the horse not show for any reason. This is necessary because a cameraperson has to be in place and will be paid even if the horse does not show. No swapping of classes because of no show will be allowed.
2013 Celebration Live stream Prices
All Access                                $74.95
Championship Pass                   $44.95
Individual Championship Days    $19.95
Individual Days                        $14.95