SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. - The Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration has announced a change in its "blank check" policy, effective at the 2006 Celebration.

The new policy states that exhibitors must meet a minimum amount of $2,500 on their first entry form to be eligible for blank check privileges at The Celebration. Exhibitors that do not meet the $2,500 threshold are expected to make payment in full at the time entries are made.

The Celebration began the "blank check" policy as a courtesy to those trainers with numerous entries, stalls, parking passes, and similar fees. The blank check customers have been allowed to leave an open check to pay for these types of expenses. At the end of the show, the expenses are totaled and the check is written and deposited. These checks are not deposited until prize money has been disbursed.

"Unfortunately, the sheer number of blank check customers has grown too high," said Celebration Chairman John T Bobo.

In addition to meeting the $2,500 threshold, exhibitors should be aware that additional penalties will be assessed if this privilege is violated for such reasons as returned checks due to insufficient funds, closed accounts, or other such causes.

"The working relationship between The Celebration and our exhibitors is very important, and we want to provide the best customer service we possibly can," added Bobo. "However, sound business practices require us to institute this new policy."

The 68th Celebration will be held August 23-September 2, 2006.