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The Celebration Committee assigned the task of implementing the SHOW HIO met with the three member staff of the National Horse Show Commission on Monday, March 23. 

The meeting lasted approximately two hours and was attended by Andy Messick, Rachel Reed and Penny Isaacs of the NHSC.  Celebration committee members in attendance were Pat Marsh, John T. Bobo and Doyle Meadows.  Celebration committee member David Howard was unable to attend.

The group addressed the employment of the current NHSC staff and a number of leases and financial obligations of the NHSC.  Also discussed was the transfer of records, supplies, rule books and the financial assets and accounts receivable of the NHSC.

The Celebration representatives will be reporting back to the full TWHNC Board at their meeting scheduled for Thursday, March 26, 2009.

Celebration CEO Doyle Meadows reported to NHSC officials that “We have met with the Commission personnel and they have been very helpful to us in advising us on the implementation of SHOW and sharing their records and information.  We appreciate the cooperation of your staff and Board and look forward to activating SHOW.”