The Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration is working with local and state emergency management officials to prepare for the heavy rains and high winds expected when the remnants of Hurricane Katrina come through the area overnight Monday night and into Tuesday.

Current National Weather Service forecasts are calling for 3-5 inches of rainfall and steady winds that could reach 70 miles per hour.  The weather event is currently forecasted to reach Bedford County around 1:00 a.m. Tuesday morning.

The Celebration urges all of its visitors staying in recreational vehicles to secure any chairs, tables, etc. that could become projectiles in the high winds.  Awnings should be taken down or rolled up and secured.

The Bedford County Emergency Management Agency and American Red Cross will have a shelter available at Thomas Intermediate School in Shelbyville.  Thomas School is located at 515 Tate Street.  There will be a limited number of cots available.  Those seeking shelter should bring sleeping bags or bedding if possible.  The EMA also says cards, books, and other items will help pass the time.

Stables with horses in flood-prone barns on the Celebration Grounds are urged to make arrangements to stable horses off-site.  If needed, The Celebration will assist in helping find accommodations away from the Celebration Grounds.

All stables should prepare for the high winds by removing drapes and securing buckets, furniture, and other items that could be moved by the wind.

Any updates will be announced over the public address system throughout the facility, over Celebration Radio at 89.1 FM, the Celebration’s website (, and through local media outlets.