The Walking Horse Trainers’ Association (WHTA) received significant financial support from the City of Shelbyville and Celebration Thursday evening at the National Walking Horse Trainers’ Horse Show. The City of Shelbyville contributed $10,000 to WHTA and the Celebration added another $7,500 to support the trainers and show their appreciation for having the event in Shelbyville/Bedford County.

"The walking horse industry means so much to our community and the City of Shelbyville is proud to support their efforts," said Mayor Wallace Cartwright. Dr. Doyle Meadows, Celebration CEO said, "We do everything we can to support the trainer initiatives and this is just another example of our commitment." The Celebration announced earlier in the week it had become a division sponsor for the Riders’ Cup Program and that the Fun Show, Celebration and a new fall horse show, Fall Classic, would be in the Riders’ Cup Series.