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By Christy Howard Parsons

The Report has learned that Dr. Rachel Cezar has been appointed to the position of Horse Protection Program Coordinator at the United States Department of Agriculture, a position that was vacated by Dr. Todd Behre earlier this year.

For the last three years, Dr. Rachel Cezar has overseen APHIS' Chronic Wasting Disease program in Michigan and was also the wild horse and burro program state liaison/compliance officer. Prior to gaining a permanent position in veterinary services, she worked on a temporary basis as an emergency hire veterinary medical officer where she helped manage APHIS' Bovine Spongiform Encenphalopathy (commonly known as Mad Cow disease) surveillance program in Michigan with a goal of increasing the number of samples tested in the State. Dr. Cezar also spent time working in the Dubai Equine Hospital in the United Arab Emirates where she averaged an 80 hour workweek.

Dr. Cezar has shown extraordinary leadership in the veterinary field and was profiled as part of a television series airing on Animal Planet that displayed the professional and personal lives of selected Michigan State Veterinary students. She has been a member of the Fort Wayne Air National Guard since November 2006.

Cezar will be working with Dr. Chester Gipson, other USDA personnel, and industry HIOs to hold a seminar on December 13 to demonstrate the use of thermography in Horse Protection Act inspections.