Todd South, the Chattanooga Times Free-Press reporter who wrote the controversial article involving the sentencing of Barney Davis, responded to a call from one of our subscribers on our internet site message boards.  We had earlier posted a portion of an e mail from South along with his phone number.

Here is what he told Eric55:

"I just spoke at length with Mr. South.  He defended the article by saying that he simply reported what was said in court.  He was also somewhat critical of TWHBEA for not answering some of his questions and for giving him very little information (this according to him).  I pointed out many of the same things that Dr. Mullins included in his response and Mr. South assured me there will be a follow-up article coming soon.  He said he would be working on it tomorrow or the first part of next week.  Now is the time for people to continue to contact him and make sure this happens".