Exhibitors have the opportunity to get a live television feed of what's happening in Calsonic Arena or the main Celebration Arena for the first time this year.

WDA International, in cooperation with The Celebration, will offer the service on a subscription basis.  The service will show the exact same production that is broadcast on the JumboTron screens in center ring.

"Not only will you be able to watch what's going on in center ring from the barn area," said Bill Anderson of WDA International.  "It allows you to know how quickly you need to get your horse ready for the next class or other information."

The service will be available for Barns 1-39, this year, with hopes for expansion into the older barns and eventually the RV Parks.

For more information, contact WDA International at 615-366-9900 or visit their website at www.wdavideo.com .