Members of the U.S. Congress recently introduced legislation to amend the Horse Protection Act. If passed, it would cause irreparable harm to the Tennessee Walking Horse Industry and the local communities and charities that rely on the sport, while doing nothing to protect the Tennessee Walking Horse or rid the system of soring trainers.
The legislation would eliminate Horse Industry Organization (HIOs) inspectors and ban action devices and pads. It would also mandate aggressive penalties for those found soring horses.
We support enhanced penalties but we are deeply concerned about any changes that could allow horses to go uninspected. As you may know, the USDA does not attend every horse show and without industry inspectors, the well-being of the horse could be at risk.
It is critical that you take a moment to contact your Members of Congress to let them know how the legislation will impact the industry and you! A vote could come as early as November when Congress returns to Washington, DC.
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