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By Christy Howard Parsons

Donna Benefield, of the Horse Protection Commission, was threatened via Walking Horse Chat, an industry chat service that allows anonymous posts. Benefield, alarmed by the threat, has turned the matter over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

“Flatfoot,” posted the following:

“How come Donna has done all these stupid things, like the letter that she passed aroung (sic) some time back. Now this, and nothing gets done to ole Teflon Donna? She’s as lucky as the old tom cat I have at the barn. I’ve wanted him gone for ever and he’s still there. A bullet would solve the cat problem.”

Recent legislation has proven that web sites that allow anonymous posts can be forced to remove their veil of anonymity, after irresponsible posts (including threats), have prompted courts to look closely at this new area of law.

Subsequently, Walking Horse Chat has removed the inappropriate post from their site.