LEXINGTON, Ky.- The Kentucky After Christmas Sale concluded Saturday, Feb. 3, 2007 with a huge crowd and competitive bidding with many horses bringing top prices.
            The four-day sale consisted of pleasure horses, broodmare and colored horses on Wednesday and Thursday. During this time DQPs Bob Flynn and Harry Chaffin inspected horses. There were three violations: one scar rule, one unacceptable (fungus) and one bilateral sore.
            On Friday during the day there were again pleasure horses, broodmares and colored horses. Friday evening was the two-year-old sale, consisting of both flat shod and padded. Saturday was the performance horses and the Spotlight Sale. Government VMOs Dr. John Poe and Lynn Bourgeois arrived on Friday morning and were in the inspection station for the remainder of the show. Friday during the day there was one bilateral sore ticket issued. Friday night during the two-year-old session four tickets were issued: one scar, one unilateral ticket, one foreign substance and one bilateral ticket. During the day Saturday there were seven tickets issued: one unacceptable, two bilateral tickets, one unilateral ticket, two scar tickets and one foreign substance ticket.
            Bidding for the USDA approved horses was active and the crowd stayed even when there was a lull and they had to wait on horses to come in the ring. Many stated that they felt there was a very positive attitude at the sale.
            David Finger, Interim DQP Director said, “The USDA officials were very cooperative. They called out what was out and there were no conflicts during the sale. We’re off to a great start.”
            Complete coverage of the sale will follow.