(Editor’s Note: The following letter was submitted to the Walking Horse Report by Terry Dotson, president of the Performance Show Horse Association. Letters to the editor must include the full name of person submitting the letter, under 500 words, and emailed directly to fowler@horseworld.net for possible inclusion in the Walking Horse Report.)

October 24, 2018

Dear Friend:

Every few years the media and "experts" will start talking about how important an election is, or that it is "the most important election in years," and other similar descriptions. I usually don't pay much attention to them. However, this year I am because I know how important this election year is and I know how important electing Marsha Blackburn to the U.S. Senate is for every participant and supporter of the Tennessee Walking Horse world.

I am extremely concerned that the Democrats will be able to gain enough seats to take the majority in the House of Representatives. I want every person who supports, shows, or works in our industry to know what that means. It means that the supporters of the PAST Act will be in charge of the House of Representatives and I have every belief that the Humane Society's Democrat supporters will move to push PAST Act through the House next year if they do, in fact, take over.

That's why having friends like Marsha Blackburn in the U.S. Senate is more critical than ever. I am not exaggerating when I say that our ability to show horses today and continue to have an industry and activity we all love and support today is the result of Marsha Blackburn's leadership and efforts a few years ago at the height of our fight with Ed Whitfield, the Humane Society of the United States, and the PAST Act. Her work on our behalf was crucial in showing that the PAST Act was bad policy and would destroy our industry and the jobs and families dependent on it for their livelihood. Just as importantly, she agreed to be the sponsor of our industry's common-sense legislation and the Humane Society and their friends spent a lot of time and money vilifying her for doing this.

Now it's time for every one of us to help her after all she's done for us. I want to ask each of you to do everything you can over the next few days to help Marsha Blackburn get elected to the U.S. Senate on November 6th. Help her financially if you can. Help her with voter turnout and getting people to the polls. Talk to your family and friends and ask them to vote for her. Every contact and every vote is crucial and I hope each of you will work to help her in whatever way you can these next couple of weeks.

Thanks in advance for your help and efforts on behalf of Marsha Blackburn. November 6th will be an important day for the Tennessee Walking Horse industry. Marsha Blackburn stood up for us when a lot of folks wouldn't and now we need to stand up for her.

Terry Dotson