The Nashville Tennessean newspaper has written countless articles and investigative stories about the mistreatment of Tennessee Walking Horses with very few positive articles about the breed.  But just read how they deal with horse injuries and death at the Iroqouis Steeplechase in Nashville, one of the city's ultra exclusive sporting and social events.

      A nine-year-old gelding named Anofferucantrefuse dropped to the ground after the final preliminary race. The Tennessean says,  "It was difficult for the crowd to know what was going on because makeshift curtains were used to shield the horse. The nine-year-old gelding was sprayed down with several hoses, drenched by countless buckets of cold water and at one point had six ice bags placed on his head and neck."

       The article went on to further describe the situation with the following quote from the on-site veterinarian, "He had heat exhaustion.  He was winded, but it was heat exhaustion.  We gave him IV fluids while he was down, and the shot was a steroid, just like a person would get."

       The article concluded with the following:  "Anofferucantrefuse eventually galloped off the track.  Last year two horses were put down after their injuries - the first time that had occurred at this event since 2001.  No horses were euthanized Saturday."

       Horses in competition are going to suffer injury, discomfort and even death and there is nothing wrong with the reporting in this article.  But it does seem a bit hypocritical to crucify the Tennessee Walking Horse for the mistreatment of a horses foot by a small percentage of individuals and then praise the fact that no horses had to be euthanized this year, but two did last year, the first time since 2001.

       What do you think the Tennessean  would say if two Tennessee Walking Horses had to be put down at the Celebration??