(Editor's note:  This story was originally written by and printed in the State Gazette in Dyersburg, TN)

Howard Hamilton and his horse, Precious, will visit the McIver's Grant Public Library on Saturday. The library is holding a Rodeo Roundup from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. for boys and girls ages 2-10.

Precious, a horse that performs tricks, will be the highlight of the Rodeo Roundup on Saturday at the McIver's Grant Public Library in Dyersburg.

The 15-year-old gelding can count, bow and even lay down and play dead. He's very gentle and will stand still as people vault onto his back. And, when the holidays come around, he dresses up like a reindeer. He and his trainer, Howard Hamilton of Southern Serenity Ranch in Cedar Grove, make appearances as "Santa and the Reindeer Horse."

On Saturday, Precious will be ridden by Howard's daughter, Lauren, who actually owns the horse.

Precious, who is officially known as Cotton's Medicine Man, is double registered as a Tennessee walking horse and as a spotted saddle horse. He has accumulated 14 world and world grand champion titles.

The roundup will be held 2-4 p.m. in the First Citizens National Bank parking lot. It targets children ages 2-10. Admission is $5.

Hay bales will be set up for children's seating but adults may want to bring lawn chairs.

In addition to Precious' performance, the Rodeo Roundup will feature games and a stick-horse obstacle course.