By Linda Scrivner

WHITE PINE, Tenn. - The annual East Tennessee Walking Horse Association Fall Classic was held Oct. 17-18. Judges for the 47-class event were Jeff Willis, David Finger and Jerry Collier.

Co-show managers Chris Proffitt and Lisa Anderson were once again elated with the turnout of 555 entries for the two-day event. Last year’s total was 445 entries. This year’s show benefited East Tennessee Children’s Hospital.

“The 2003 edition of the East Tennessee Walking Horse Fall Classic certainly held true to the original ETWHA mission statement made over 20 years ago,” Proffitt said. “The charter members had a vision of this show becoming one of the best horse shows in the south. Last year’s show was a recovery time for our East Tennessee Fall Classic with a surprising increase in the number of quality horses and loyal spectators. This year’s show was a continued success with much the same surprise and grandeur. Our 47-class showcase hosted some 550 top Tennessee Walking Horses from many surrounding states. Many exhibitors were newcomers to the show and stated that they would return for next year’s show. Only through committed people and this common goal can the East Tennessee Walking Horse Association Fall Classic continue to grow and be a charitable organization. The Fall Classic was the place to be in 2003. Therefore, with this in mind, the East Tennessee Walking Horse Association Fall Classic will be trying harder to give you more in 2004.”

The quality of the horses was once again awesome. On Saturday, anticipation mounted as the Grand Championship drew near. Nine talented teams entered the ring one at a time and treated the audience to a thrill that continued through a second running walk called by the judges just before the line up. The trainers rode hard for the chance to wear the roses and to carry out the $1,000 check accompanying the stake blue. The recent North Carolina Championship Grand Champions, MG Above The Rest and Shawn Abee, carried the roses from the ring following a stupendous show. Tom and Sissy Weese were justifiably proud of their flax maned and tailed sorrel stallion. Bill Hill’s talented Skywatch’s Masterpiece, directed by Bill Cantrell, took the reserve position. This team won the class in 2002. The Star of Sundance, reserve champion in 2002, and Brent Coburn carried out the third place tie for owners Jack and Betty Morgan.

Two special exhibitions were held. On Friday evening three championship Shires were exhibited by Duke Shire Horse Farm. The Shire, one of the largest horses in the world, originated in the “shires” of England and is a descendant at the Old English Black Horse or “great horse,” which carried men in full battle armor often weighing as much as 400 pounds. Saturday evening’s special exhibition was Rocky Mountain International Champion Beau Dancy, ridden by owner Grace Pawsat.

A new and well received part of the 2003 show was the ETWHA Fall Classic Dog Show, which was held Saturday morning. Great fun and competition was enjoyed by all who participated and those who watched. The championship was won by young Katie West and her Shetland Sheepdog Lacy, who displayed skill and showmanship.

Scott Beaty Stables led the blue ribbon tally with seven blue ribbons. Ronal Mosley Stables, Grandy Tuck Stables and Tim Wheelon of Willow Springs earned five blues apiece. Danlon Stables and John Puckett carried home four blues while Steve Woody Stables earned three. Dual blues were won by Harold Curry Stables and Steve Hankins Stables. Receiving single blues were horses trained by Shane LaRue, Charlie Green, Tommy Halmontaller, Donna Coleman, Brent Coburn, Eddie Wallin, Clay Mills, Paul Livingston, Dean Smith, Mike Carter, Robby Black, Vickie Hughes Grindstaff and Rick Abee.

With the hard working members of the ETWHA, this show should continue to become one of the best shows on the fall circuit.

Friday Night

The 16-entry weanling class began the show and Shane LaRue proudly accepted the first blue with Encore’s Midnight Lady for Nolan LaRue. This team also won the weanling filly class at Asheville earlier this month. Gen’s Dark Desire and Vickie Hughes Grindstaff received the reserve placing for Lawrence and Vickie Hughes Grindstaff.

“It was heart warming when Nolan LaRue donated his winnings back to the show,” Chris Proffitt commented. :LaRue stated that if it were not for the Children’s Hospital, his grandchildren would not be here.” Everyone crowded to the rail when the gate opened for the Two-Year-Old Stallion class. Fifteen top entries made the class very interesting. The judges’ choice was the team of Rudy Rudiger and Charlie Green for the Bob Kilgore family. Scott Beaty exited with the red streamer aboard Midnight Dollar for the Quentin Fox family.

Winning the first of two blues at the East Tennessee Fall Classic was the team of Thunder Grey and Angela Tuck. This team also recently won titles at Asheville, N.C., and Clemson, S.C. Delightfully Annie and Donna Coleman earned the reserve position in the class of 13 entries.

Cash’s Delight Of Pride and Bob Rollins earned the first of their two blues in the Amateur Specialty class under Harold Curry’s guidance. Claiming reserve was the team of Pride’s Ultra Winder and Dean Neely under the Scott Beaty Stables banner for owners Dean and Debbie Neely.

Under the guidance of Beaty Stables, Rhea Ellen Webb claimed the first of three East Tennessee Fall Classic blues aboard He’s Puttin’ On The Cash. Fourteen entries answered the gate call for the Amateur Novice Rider Specialty. Webb made a perfect showing for owners White Oak Group. From Tim Wheelon Stables, Jacquelyn Elliot directed Popcorn Pusher to the reserve position for owner John Thompson.

In a class of 11, the Walking Pony Amateur Specialty title was won by Kathy Potter on Titan Up under the Danlon Farms banner for owner Tom Potter. Kenny Compton made an excellent show to win the reserve spot on his Generator’s Big Ticket under Ridgeview Stables’ banner.

Miss Honey Fitz and Tommy Halmontaller topped the yearling class next for owner Sam Kite. This team also claimed the North Carolina Championship’s Yearling Filly and Yearling Championship titles. Second was awarded to the team of Dynamo’s Ace Of Spades and Hershel Blessing for What A Blessing Farms.

Marshall’s Dutchess and Donna Coleman were selected to wear the blue from the ring in the Spotted Walking Trail Pleasure Specialty class. Sky Max Sweetie Memory and Lori Coleman claimed the reserve award for Larry Tudor.

Thirty-four entries caused the Amateur Show Pleasure Specialty class to be divided into two classes. The judges chose Coin’s Black Stroke and Kathy Potter to wear the blue from the ring in the 17-entry Division A of this class. Burl Compton claims ownership and Danlon Farms trains this talented mount, which also won on Saturday night. Beck Oakley rode hard on Eb and Betty Abbott’s Pusher’s True Blue to claim the red streamer for Beaty Stables.

Another 16 Amateur Show Pleasure Specialty teams entered the ring for the B division. Bob Adcock and his Guaranteed Delight claimed the blue and made the victory pass for Steve Hankins Stables. Angela Tuck and her D-Day Classy Lady, who is trained by Jeff Atkins, claimed reserve.

Rhea Ellen Webb and Pop A Top PaPa topped the 15-entry Three-Year-Old Stallion Amateur class next for Franklin Beaty. Second was awarded to the team of Fame’s Royal Rascal and Jennifer Brown. This team, trained by Steve Hankins Stables, is a frequent winner.

Next, 11 hard-riding teams entered the ring for the Two-Year-Old Mare and Gelding class. Brent Coburn directed Miss Black Cash down victory lane for owners Charles and Teresa Dempsey. Scott Beaty and Papa Scotty strolled to the reserve for Double Springs Farm.

Eddie Wallin and his Ebony Shadow claimed the 15-entry Trail Pleasure English Specialty title. Saber Saw and owner/rider Lauren Lovelace proudly claimed reserve.

A Winner Either Way and Brandon Derrick topped the 10-entry Youth 17 & Under Specialty class for Walter Landon under the guidance of Steve Woody Stables. Taryn Harris rode Eb’s Nightstorm to reserve for trainer Jake Rogers and owner Terri Harris.

The team of Sure Threat’s Masterpiece and Rhonda Hull captured the blue in the 14-entry ETWHA Members Only Specialty for owners Mosley and Alexander. Ronald Mosley prepared this team for the show ring. Crystal Letterman and The Final Score, hailing from Tim Wheelon Stables, claimed the reserve spot after an exciting show for Farrell Hughes.

Grandy Tuck Jr. and JFK’s Jubilation Sun were next on the list to win the blue in the 13-entry Youth Plantation Pleasure Specialty class for owner Pamela Larrowe. Rusty Carlton and Ultra’s Executive claimed the reserve position for owner Gail Conley and trainer Wayne Conley.

Eleven hard riding teams hit the show ring next for the 15.2 and under class and didn’t let up until the lineup. Ronald Mosley and Classic Rebel were the number one choice for Holcomb and Mosley. A Whisper Of JFK and Shawn Abee claimed the red ribbon for owner Tom Shipman.

Grandy Tuck Jr. claimed his second blue of the evening on the sorrel Sweepstakes Beam in the 14 strong Four-Year-Old Stallion Amateur class for trainer Jeff Atkins and owner Kelly Drochel. The Raffle carried Kurt Wilkerson to reserve under the direction of Steve Hankins Stables for Jim Wilkerson.

Twelve was the number in the next class, the Three-Year-Old Mare and Gelding class. Scott Beaty claimed the blue aboard Motown’s Magical Mystery. This striking horse is owned by the Ted Curtis family. In the reserve spot was the talented Skywatch’s Main Man with Shawn Abee in the irons for William Dover.

Jubilee’s Rising Star and Clay Mills added another Amateur Owned and Trained Specialty title to their lengthy list. Wade Huntley and Royal Generator proudly carried the red streamer from the ring in the 15-entry class.

Eleven novice horses and their riders entered the ring for the Novice Horse Open Specialty class. Dangerous Reach and Tim Wheelon claimed the blue for Eddie Duke. Ronald Mosley and Quicksilver Express took reserve for Gary and Carolyn Pope.

Jennifer Brown and her Pride’s Gold Millennium claimed the White Pine blue in the 12-entry Ladies Amateur Specialty for Paul Livingston Stables. Ashley Duncan and By All Means claimed reserve for Henry and Shirley Brock representing Larry Wheelon Stables.

Skyline, repeating his blues from the Fall Classic in 2001 and 2002, won the 15-entry Plantation Pleasure Amateur Specialty with Jack Morgan up for trainer Tim Wheelon and owners Jack and Betty Morgan. Claiming reserve was the team of JFK’s Jubilation Sun and Pamela Larrowe for trainer Jeff Atkins.

Finally, the last class of the evening arrived, and it was worth the wait. Ten Open Specialty teams entered the ring and one great bay mare exited with the blue ribbon just as she did in 2002. Steve Woody and Cash Is My Choice made their usual great show to beat the other stallions, mares and geldings for owner Christian Lessard. Cash’s Firecracker and Brent Coburn were also flawless as they claimed the reserve position for Junior and Annette Venable.

Saturday Night

Pop A Top PaPa took up where he left off the night before. This three-year-old stallion carried Scott Beaty to another blue topping a class of 11 for Franklin Beaty. Rhythm N Rain and Mike Carter claimed reserve for Sam Kite.

The team of JFK’s Jubilation Sun and Grandy Tuck added another Plantation Pleasure Specialty title to their list for owner Pamela Larrowe. Second in the 14-entry class was Cash’s Pro Design with owner/rider Natasha Shoupes in the irons.

Midnight Dollar and Abby Fox won the Two-Year-Old Stallion Amateur blue for the Quentin Fox family and Beaty Stables. The reserve champions were Spookie-Spook and KC Barron for Richard Lindsey and Barron Stables.

Popcorn Pusher and Reagan Thompson defended their 2001 and 2002 titles and won the 17-entry Youth 11 and Under class again this year. Tim Wheelon proudly trained this roan gelding for John Thompson. The team of Star Of The Year and Meagan Chastain claimed reserve for Steve Woody Stables and owner Chad Adams.

Anka Longest was thrilled after the Four-Year-Old Mare and Gelding Amateur class. She and Dr. Donald Longest’s Sabina claimed the victory under Steve Hankins Stables’ banner. Paula Cox and Pearl Harbor won reserve for Jeff and Paula Cox under the guidance of Ridgeview Stables.

Latitha Oran added another blue to her list when she exited the ring in the 10-entry ETWHA Ladies Auxiliary Specialty class aboard Sensational Premier. Sensational Premier is trained by Steve Woody Stables and is owned by the Melton Oran family. Vickie Hughes Grindstaff and Fantazmic Cash won reserve for the Farrell Hughes family and trainer Larry Wheelon.

Bob Rollins and Cash’s Delight Of Pride claimed their second White Pine blue in the 12-entry 50 and over class. Harold Curry proudly trained this team. Reserve went to Junior Venable and Cash’s Firecracker for Junior and Annette Venable and trainer Brent Coburn.

The crowd roared their approval of the winners in the 14-entry Walking Pony Specialty 17 and Under class. Fresh from their win at Asheville, Kayla Baucom and Sure Threat’s Masterpiece were better than ever. Grandpa Ronald Mosley put this team in the ring. This determined little rider put on quite a show for owners Alexander and Mosley. Crystal Letterman directed Pusher’s Midnight Delight to reserve for trainer Tim Wheelon and owner John Thompson.

Ignited By Fire and Lori Coleman claimed the blue in the country pleasure class for owner Vaughn Moore and trainer Dean Smith. Gen-N-Ice and Josie Smith won the reserve position.

Groovy Chick added the 16-entry Two-Year-Old Mare and Gelding Amateur title to her lengthy resume with owner Kathy Potter in the irons for Danlon Farms. Kaye Beachan claimed the red ribbon with The Midnight Jazz for owners Beachan, Beachan and Baggery and trainer Craig Baggery.

Off one horse and back on another and always smiling, Crystal Letterman exited the 10-entry NC Members Only Specialty class following a victory pass aboard The Final Score. Trainer Tim Wheelon and owner Farrell Hughes were pleased with the win. Derek Monahan and his Believe Me claimed reserve.

Ultra’s Sensation claimed the blue with Sam Kite in the irons in the 10-entry Men’s Amateur Specialty class for trainer Mike Carter. Dean Neely laid claim to the reserve with Pride’s Ultra Winder for owners Dean and Debbie Neely under Beaty Stables’ banner.

The color was blue for High Tide At The Ritz and Rebecca Smith in the 10-entry Three-Year-Old Mare and Gelding Amateur class. Robby Black proudly claimed training duties for owners J.B.R., Inc. Kim Davis and Motown’s Magic Ice Mystery claimed reserve for the Ted Curtis family and Beaty Stables.

Vickie Hughes Grindstaff directed Gen Desire’s Rewards to the blue in the Trail Pleasure Specialty Western class for Lawrence and Vickie Hughes Grindstaff. Claiming reserve was the team of Ruth Tudor and Post Marked First Class for owners Larry and Ruth Tudor.

Ronald Mosley proudly displayed the blue ribbon in a victory pass aboard Olympic Pusher in the 11-entry Four-Year-Old Specialty class for Chuck and Terry Williamson. The reserve went to the team of He’s Puttin On The Cash for the White Oak Group.

It was another blue for Classic Rebel and Blake Hull. They won the 10-entry Youth 12-17 Specialty title for Holcomb and Mosley and trainer Ronald Mosley. Claiming reserve were Zachary Burch and Beaming Around for Dennis and Bunny Burch and trainer Brent Coburn.

Angela Tuck once again directed her Thunder Grey to the blue in the Plantation Pleasure Lite-Shod Specialty for husband/trainer Grandy Tuck. Delightfully Annie and Donna Coleman were reserve.

The Pro/Am Specialty class had 17 strong entries. Winning this class was the trio of Sweepstakes’ Beam, Grandy Tuck and Grandy Tuck Jr. for owner Kelly Duschel. The reserve team was Titan Up, Kathy Potter and John Puckett for owner Tom Potter.

The 13-entry 15.2 and Under Amateur Specialty class was won by the team of Papa Joe Dimaggio and Rhea Ellen Webb for Beaty Stables. Reserve went to The Raffle and Kurt Wilkerson for Jim Wilkerson under the guidance of Steve Hankins Stables.

Seventeen outstanding Show Pleasure Specialty entries came next. John Puckett guided Coin’s Black Stroke to the top of the class for Ashley Compton just as he did in 2001 and 2002 at White Pine. Reserve went to Grandy Tuck and D-Day’s Classy Lady for Angela Tuck.

It was victory for Abby Fox aboard the Quentin Fox family’s Command’s Wild Card in the amateur class under Beaty Stables’ tutelage. Reserve went to Generator’s Old Gold and Hunter Rouse for the Doug Rouse family and Steve Hankins Stables.

Skyline and Jack Morgan wore the roses three years in a row in the Plantation Pleasure Specialty Championship. Trainer Tim Wheelon was thrilled with the repeat victory. Claiming the red ribbon was the team of JFK Jubilation Sun and Grandy Tuck for Pamela Larrowe.

This concludes the coverage of the 2003 East Tennessee Walking Horse Association Fall Classic. Complete results follow and can also be viewed at