The Wilson and Dunn families mourn the loss of World Grand Champion speed racking horse BluByU. Among his several impressive wins during his career, Blu was directed by speed racking trainer Sue Dunn to a reserve world and reserve world grand championship in 2003 then to a world championship in 2004 before being crowned the 2004 Open Speed Racking World Grand Champion.

The two shared a special connection after Dunn handpicked him for owners and long-time speed racking enthusiasts —Asa & Dot Wilson of Tipplersville, MS. Blu was retired following his 2004 World Grand Championship ride due to an injury sustained during that unforgettable performance. He came back one last time in 2014 and again, at the age of 20, won one last World Championship proving there’s not much that can hold a good horse down. 

Horses bring people together and Blu was no exception. Two families have been closely connected for over 20 years with Blu at the center of it all. He passed away at 29 years old in Whitesburg, KY where he still resided with the Dunns.