Well respected performance mare, It’s Easter Sunday, owned and loved by Debbie Scott of Fair Grove, Missouri was humanely laid to rest on August 1, 2007, in center ring at Debbie's Meadowview Stables.  Starting her show career under the direction of Jackie McConnell, Easter found her way to Southwest Missouri and into Debbie’s heart as a four year old.  Together they spent countless hours and developed a show ring presence that was always a crowd pleaser in amateur specialty competition.  Following the Jackson, Missouri show in May, Easter experienced major head and eye trauma.  After two months of treatment and care at home under the expert care of Dr. Jim Joyce it became clear that Easter could not overcome the injuries she had sustained.

            To many a spectator, greatness in a horse is measured through world championships, victory passes, and offspring.  To those of us who experience that special bond with our equine partners, greatness is achieved through a shared connection from the heart.  It’s Easter Sunday provided that connection for Debbie and others who had the privilege of working with her and watching her perform.  Her presence in the ring and at the barn will be missed.