The 2017 World Grand Champion Gen’s Black Maverick was laid to rest on January 2, 2023, due to complications from colic.

Throughout his extraordinary career he won 23 Blue Ribbons and 16 Stake Championships. He was crowned the 2014 World Champion, 2014 Reserve World Grand Champion, 2015 World Champion, 2017 World Champion, and 2017 World Grand Champion. Bill Callaway and Maverick were undefeated in regular show season competition, earning 11 championships.

In 2022, he received the Ascending Sire of the Year award from TWHBEA, proving his success as a sire and as a show horse. 

Maverick spent his last months in the place that he loved most, with the team that made him the great stallion that he became, Callaway’s.

We feel very blessed to have owned Maverick and thank everyone who supported him and helped write his success story, and a very special thanks to Allan, Bill and John Allan for their steadfast love and devotion to Mav.

Keith and Lorraine Rosbury