King’s Silver Command was recently laid to rest by Dr. Jim Baum following a short illness. This 10-year-old stallion, affectionately known as “Spoon,” was one of Don and Lucky Collins’ favorite horses who had won many ribbons and given Lucky many loving and memorable rides.

This great and talented stallion was started and shown by Charlie Witherspoon as a two-year-old in 2014 at the Tunica Fall Classic. He was shown sparingly as a three-year-old by Witherspoon. As a four-year-old, he was shown by Hayden Burks and Lucky. Lucky and “Spoon” earned a seventh place ribbon at The Celebration that year in the O/A Four-Year-Old Stallions class. He was shown at the top shows and as a five-year-old, Lucky won blues at the Alabama Walking Horse Ladies Auxiliary, Lynchburg and the PC Splash Classic, and always had a fun ride with top ribbons wherever they showed including The Celebration. Throughout the years he was also shown by Mike Hannah, Charlie Green and Bobby Hugh, who showed him at his last show at the Spring Extravaganza this spring. 

He was at Jerry Williams Stables when he became ill and Dr. Baum was called. He was a faithful and loving horse that was enjoyed by many and always gave his rider his best.