The Farriers' National Research Center and Horseshoeing School is celebrating 21 years by offering a free event for horse owners and horse farriers. The event will be held May 15-16, 2010 at the Farriers’ National Research Center & School, 14013 East Hwy 136, LaFayette, GA 30728.

The event will have helpful information for owners from farriers and a professional equine specialist. In addition there will be a free one-day Hoof Trimming Class for owners. The event will include everything from trimming, shoeing, dentistry, massage, saddle fit, training and modern thermal imaging and magnetic therapy.

Some of the event details include:
-Offering free evaluations of your horses
-Trimming, Shoeing, Corrective, Confirmation
-Gait Evaluation on a treadmill
-Infrared Thermal Imaging
-Dentistry (*and Services)
-Nutrition Specialist
-Equine Flexion Therapy (*and Services)
-Hoof repair, thrush, barefoot products
-Proper Saddle Fitting
-Magnetic Therapy (*and Services)
-Pack Horse Demo, Traction Shoes
-6 Steps for Controlling and Exercising your Horse
-Plus Filming of Horseshoe'n Time TV shows with Ralph Casey
(*services, please call for fees)

For more information and to schedule evaluations and services please call (706) 397-8909 or email