Here are some things to keep in mind about feeding horses human treats:

•Many horse owners like to give treats, such as carrots, apples and sugar lumps. It is important to hand-feed treats carefully or a horse may become nippy and demanding. Most experienced horses can handle a carrot or an apple, but a young horse or one unaccustomed to this type of snack may try to swallow portions that are too large. To be safe, cut a large treat into smaller pieces.
•Some people give horses cookies, soft drinks and other human treats. Most are probably harmless, but others are not. Chocolate and some soft drinks contain caffeine, which are not good for horses. Chocolate also contains compounds that could show up on a drug test at a horse show and lead to disqualification.
•Pits from apricots, peaches and cherries contain cyanide. A swallowed put that passes through the digestive tract poses little danger, but a chewed pit releases toxic substances that can make a horse ill.