As exhibitors and spectators arrived for the first morning session of Celebration 1992, the rains that had forced postponement of three Thursday night classes began to fall. No on fretted, however, since everyone knew they’d be dry in Calsonic Arena.

At precisely 10 a.m., the in gate for class nine opened and 21 Plantation Pleasure Mares came through to model for Call Judge Howard Hamilton, Second Judge Ty Irby and Third Judge Mike Carpenter. This nearly was a packed house - only five shy of the number listed in the program.

Carolina Delight won the first blue ribbon of he day schedule with Russell Keyser for Caithness Croft Inc., of Armstrong, Canada. Reserve was In The Limelight, with Frank White showing for Michael Vavrinec, the Miracle Ranch. The yellow belonged to Coin’s Calypso Dancer and Marilynne Orr.

As a fine rain blew outside, 18 Owner-Amateur Lady Riders and their mares entered the ring to work for Call Judge Hamilton, Second Judge Howell and Third Judge Carpenter. Susan Gordon and Pusher’s Evening Star put on a blue ribbon ride for the Arthur Gordon family’s first win of the show.

Following in Reserve were Pride’s Ultra April and Ellen Sale for McJunkin Farms. Third and the yellow went home with R & R’s Charming Lady and Karen Stewart, showing for Jeffcoat Stables.

There was only one class of the Plantation Pleasure horses last year, but it was divided in two this year.

Calling the gaits was Judge Howell. Officiating with him were Second Judge Johnson and Third Judge Carpenter.

The 1991 Reserve Champion, Heapin Spoonful, took over the blue ribbon spot in Division A with Victoria Martocci showing for Windward Manor Farm. Reserve and the red went to Thunders Lavish Lady and Ginele Giambi for Karen Giambi. Ferrari and Kathy Anderson picked up the yellow for Kathy and John Anderson.

With 21 entered in the program for Division B, a large field was expected. When the gate closed, only two of those were absent.

Once again, Judge Howell was chosen to call the class, with Judges Johnson and Carpenter rounding out the slate.

In her first year in the amateur division, Tami Naugle, showing under the Scott Benham, Golden West Farms banner, took Parade’s Legacy to the blue for Chevalle Ranch and Francie Sooy of Novato, California.

It’s easy to see from the results of the past few years, and already this year, that the California contingent means business when it comes to town.

Nine of the 10 entered in the program for the Park Pleasure Amateur Gentlemen Riders Class came through the gate. Call Judge Howell, Second Judge Irby and Third Judge Carpenter decided the order they would exit.

When the cards were marked, it was decided that the 1991 Reserve Champion, Crackerjack Magic, would leave last with the blue. Riding for Woodburn Farms with Jim Woodburn.

Reserve went to Shaker’s Bogey, a Classic Horse, and Sammy Sorrell for Bell Arch Farm. Delight Of The Woods and his owner, W.R. Van Den Bosch, were in for third.

Judges Irby, Johnson and Howell were drawn to mark the cards for the Plantation Pleasure Two-Year-Old Lite-Shod Class. The program offered 20, but only 16 answered the gate call.

It was clear the crowd agreed with the judges on the placings - and all three judges agreed that Smokey Topaz should wear the blue from the ring. Ralph Chaffin was in the irons for the Ralph Chaffin Family.

A popular entry also, Genius City Lights and Sherrie Szucs were Reserve for Mr. and Mrs. Jim Page. Third belonged to Top Of The Line and Linda Smith for Llurah Hardin.

The Four-Year-Old and Under Plantation Pleasure Horses, Specialty, ridden by Amateurs, featured so many it had to be split in two, Of the 30 entered for Division A, 24 took to the ring and worked for Call Judge Howell, Second Judge Johnson and Third Judge Hamilton.

Final Chapter and Charlene Cook brought a vocal cheering section that raised the roof in the southeast turn when they were called to the blue for Central Georgia Equine Services.

In the Limelight and Michael Vavrinec earned their second ribbon of the day as they left with the red. Third went to Generator’s Gypsy Rose, owned and ridden by Wayne Westbrook.

Section B of this class hosted 24 of the 28 entered in the program. Judge Irby set the pace as call judge. Also marking the cards were Judges Carpenter and Howell.

Last year’s Division A winner, Ole Blue’s Melody, with Shira Keller up for Dr. John J. Shane, wore the blue from the ring. Reserve went to Gold Coin Of Dixie and Sue Brassy for Dr. and Mrs. Bill Talbot. Another California entry, Coin’s Pushin’ For Gold, with Mike Erickson, was third for Mike and Pam Erickson.

Thirty-four were listed in the program for the Owner-Amateur Riders 60 Years and Over Specialty. Twenty-two answered the gate call. On the draw of the colors, Judge Irby was selected as call judge. Judges Johnson and Carpenter filled the slate.

This class required the first workout of the morning, as 13 were called back for additional work. The crowd also was the most vocal during the class. When the cards were tabulated, the blue ribbon belonged to California entry Coin’s Double Pride and Paul Hughes for Hughes and Rocha. Reserve and the red went to Copy’s Jubilee and L.H. Gaines for Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Gaines.

Third was won by the Classic Horse Sun’s Star Wars and Dorothy Hubbard riding for Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hubbard. Pride’s Ringleader, the crowd’s favorite, placed fourth with W.H. Hill for Dr. and Mrs. W.H. Hill.

Judges Johnson, Carpenter and Howell marked the cards for the 21-entry Amateur Owned and Trained Plantation Pleasure Horses, Specialty, Class. These have had no professional training within the past 90 days. Twenty-four were entered in the program.

Royal’s Rolls Royce topped this large field with Wayne Westbrook for Westbrook and Henderson. Carrying the red from the ring was last year’s champion, Sun’s Glory Bound and owner, Tom Davis. Third went to Captain’s Miss Allen and owner Sandy Brumbaugh.

With 31 entered, the Show Pleasure Amateur Riders Class promised to be full. Twenty-five filled the ring to work for Call Judge Irby, Second Judge Johnson and third Judge Carpenter.

With 11 called back to the rail, the second workout of the morning yielded another blue ribbon for Victoria Martocci, who won with Coin Collection for Windward Manor Farm. This was up a notch from their 1991 placing.

In Reserve were Heir’s Rolling Stone and Joyce Myers for Paul and Vivian Vandergriff. Final Attraction and Sherry Martin were third for Dillard and Martin.

Of the 25 entered for the final class of the morning, Judges Hamilton, Irby and Carpenter had 20 to chose the winners from.

Fashion Setter and Berry Coffey wore the blue for Belle Meade Inc. Reserve and the red went back to Canada with Tsuniah’s Sunday and Russell Keyser for Caithness Croft Inc.

Parade’s Legacy and Tami Naugle received the yellow for Chevalle Ranch and Francie Sooy.

Friday Night 10 years ago
It was deja vu all over again - or at least partially, as the last three classes of Thursday night’s schedule kicked off the second night of the 1992 Celebration.

Andrew made sure the show couldn’t continue Thursday night with his rain, so everyone gathered again on Friday one hour early at 6 p.m. to take care of unfinished business. With 16 classes to complete, it promised to be a long night, and wasn’t over until 11:50.

Thirty Owner-Amateur Riders on Four-Year-Old Stallions, Specialty were listed in the program, and when the gate closed, 22 were in the ring. Setting the pace for their workout was Call Judge Benny Johnson. Second Judge Mike Carpenter and Third Judge Tommy Howell also marked the cards in this one.

Riding out with the blue was Valid Consent, who had the consent of all three judges, and Betty Robins for Howard and Betty Robins. Reserve was Doc’s Stroke Of Luck and Jamie “Red” Etheredge for Mr. and Mrs. Jamie “Red” Etheredge. Third and the yellow went to Pride’s Aerostar and David Sisk for Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Sisk.

Of the 25 entered in the program, 18 entered the ring for the Western Plantation Pleasure Lite-Shod Specialty Class. Judge Carpenter called, while Judges Irby and Johnson were second and third judge, respectively.

Of the top four entries from 1991, only one was back to challenge for the title, leaving the field virtually wide open. Coming off a ribbon-filled day, Tsuniah’s Sunday and Russell Keyser picked up the blue for Caithness Croft Inc., of Armstrong, Canada.

Reserve and the red went to last year’s winner, who also had a good day in the morning classes, Heapin Spoonful and Victoria Martocci for Windward Manor Farm. Symbol’s Hawkette and Sherrie Szucs were third for Peggy Kensicki.

The next class was not as full as the 45 listed in the program, but the 28 that circled before Judges Howell, Carpenter and Hamilton were enough to make for a tough decision in the Geldings 15.2 and Under Class.

When the field was cut, 12 remained for additional work. Emerging with the blue from that dozen were last year’s winners, Gen’s Fire & Ice and Russ Thompson, winning the second blue of the day for the Arthur Gordon family.

Reserve was the popular Classic Horse entry, Mister Delight H and Bill Bobo for Jim and Sally Bobo. This is one gelding who has picked up his share of Celebration ribbons over the years. The Perfect Copy and Jimmy McConnell were third for Thornridge Farm.

Thursday night officially ended at 7:09 p.m. Friday, when the first class of that night’s schedule was called to the ring. It was not a split class last year, but this year 41 entries required that it be divided. Sixteen riders under 11 answered the gate call for the Owner-Amateur Junior Riders on Geldings Class, Division A. Twenty had been listed in the program for that division.

The crowd favorite retired two challenge trophies with a repeat win from 1991. That, of course, was Ebony’s Backwoodsman and his petite rider, Cathy Brown, riding for Billy Brown family. Classic Horses have been well represented so far this year, and the Reserve Champion kept that streak going. Delight’s Sundance was ridden by Jennifer Vining for Jeffcoat Stables. Third place went to Lightfoots Fireball and Celeste Bowen for Nancy Sims.

Twenty of the 21 in the program for Division B took advantage of showing before Judges Carpenter, Hamilton, and Irby.

Hometown Favorite was the judges’ favorite to wear the blue. Riding for Gamble Farms was Rachel Gamble. Reserve was yet another Classic Horse, Pride’s Good Buddy, with Haley Rush up for Tony and Kim Rush. Third went to Eric Parks and Jubilee’s Star Wars for the Bob Parks Family.

Twenty-one was the magic number in the Two-Year-Old Geldings Class. This was just five short of the number entered in the program. On the draw of the colored balls, Judge Carpenter was selected to call the gaits, followed by Second Judge Howell and Third Judge Johnson.

When the cards were marked, the blue ribbon was presented to Copy’s King Glory and Chad Baucom for Dona Griffin. Reserve went to Exhilarating Generator and owner Mitch Taylor, while Hytone Harmony and T. Tommy Allen were third for Art and Frances Barnes.

Eighteen young riders on ponies filled the ring next. Judges Howell, Irby and Hamilton marked the cards for the Owner-Amateur Junior Riders on Ponies, 60” and Under. Riders had to be under 14 years of age. Twenty-two had been expected in the class.

Several time-outs delayed the action. When the class finally was able to be completed, the judges’ decision rested with ET’s Awesome and Robyn Bullington, riding for Baker, Guthrie and Bullington.

Reserve and the red went to Big City Scandal and Edwinna Ayers for the Donnie Ayers family. Third and the yellow went to Solid Gold Generator and Rob Todd for Pedigo Realty.

Half of the 32 entered in the program for the Owner-Amateur Riders on Mares Over 15.2 answered announcer Bobby Sands’ gate call, but an immediate timeout left them waiting on the rail. Chosen to decide the top 10 from this field were Call Judge Carpenter, Second Judge Hamilton and Third Judge Johnson.

When they had made their choice, Miss Walking Miracle and Steve Smith not only had a unanimous victory, they also had retired the Dr. O.B. Neely Memorial Challenge Trophy, having won the class in 1990 and 1991, as well. The trophy has been offered for 21 years, but this was the first time it was retired.

Reserve and the red went to Stock Up and owner Kathy Hollin, while Pride’s Keepsake and Stacy McConnell had a keepsake in the yellow ribbon.

Judges Howell, Johnson and Hamilton marked the cards for the A Division of the Plantation Pleasure Mares, Specialty, Riders 18 Years and Over Class, which hosted 13 entries. Eighteen had been entered. This was another class which featured only one division in 1991, but was split this year. Of the 111 classes offered this year, 22 were split.

The Russ Thompson Stables racked up another blue with Generator’s Elegance and Sue Brassy winning this class for Carol Pitzer. Reserve went to Captain’s Miss Lucy and owner Burl Dale. Taking the yellow from the ring, In The Limelight won yet another ribbon for the day with owner Michael Vavrinec riding.

Judge Irby was chosen to set the pace for Division B of the Plantation Pleasure Mares, Specialty, Riders 18 & Over Class. Also marking the cards were Second Judge Johnson and Third Judge Howell. Fifteen entries made the class. Eighteen had been listed in the program.

Danny Wooten and Gold Coin Of Dixie claimed the second Russ Thompson blue in as many classes, as well as all three judges’ votes for Dr. and Mrs. Bill Talbot. Reserve went to Ole Blue’s Melody and Charlie Green for Dr. John J. Shane. Reason To Glitter and Emma G. Kelly were third for Mr. and Mrs. Len Schaeffer.

Thirty-two of the 50 entered in the program for the Two-Year-Old Mares Division A Class answered the gate call and worked for Call Judge Carpenter, Second Judge Howell and Third Judge Johnson.

A baker’s dozen returned for additional work. It was a Sweet Victory for the Parnell and McConnell entry, directed by Jimmy McConnell to the blue. Reserve entry Beam’s Loose Change received a resounding round of applause. Ramsey Bullington rode for Bowman, Bernard, and Smith. Dr. John J. Shane had another ribbon winner with Gen’s City Lights, who was third with Charlie Green up.

Division B of the Two-Year-Old Mares class saw a ring filled with 32 entries. Fifty-one were listed in the program. Judge Johnson called the gaits, but before the action really could get started, it was halted for a time-out. Judge Howell was second judge and Judge Irby was third judge.

Coming out of a 14-horse workout, Bobby Hugh won his second blue ribbon in as many nights with Pretty Please for Steve and Ellen Sale. Reserve and the red went to Beam’s Misty Pride and Bill Bobo for James Roy Smith, while Command My Heart and Ernest Upton were third for Robert Wallace.

Twenty-seven amateur riders filled the ring for the Owner-Amateur Riders on Stallions, Specialty, Division A Class. Thirty-nine were listed in the program. Calling the class was Judge Irby. Judge Carpenter was second, while Judge Howell was third judge.

Once again the field was narrowed to 15 before a final decision was made. Doc’s High Tribute was chosen to wear the blue with Brenda Wilson riding for Mr. and Mrs. D.L. Putman. Reserve and the red went with Pride Of Clutch and A.C. Potter, owner. Third belonged to C.B.’s Paper Chase and owner Sherri Dietz.

Twenty-five entered the ring for the B Division of the Owner-Amateur Riders on Stallions, Specialty Class. Judge Carpenter was drawn to call the classes. Second Judge duties went to Judge Hamilton, and Judge Johnson was third judge. After an initial workout, 12 were called back to the rail.

From them, Beverly Sherman had A Mark For Me in blue ribbon form for the Backward S Ranch of Murchison, Texas. Reserve was Yankee’s Threat and Michael Coleman for Dr. and Mrs. Michael Coleman, while Promise’s Go Boy and L.H. Gaines were third for Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Gaines.

Call Judge Hamilton, Second Judge Howell and Third Judge Irby chose from eight of the 10 listed in the program for the Plantation Pleasure Lite-Shod, Amateur Gentlemen Riders winner.

Emerging from the field with the blue were Thunders Lavish Lady and Michael Giambi for Karen Giambi. Receiving the red was Helluva Parade and owner John Sunderland, while third went to Mr. Coppertop and Jim Singleton for Jackie and Jim Singleton.

Right before the last class of the show, a fog encompassed the Celebration arena. Twelve Four-Year-Old Geldings put on their fog lights to work for Judges Carpenter, Hamilton and Johnson., It’s a good thing they were dark horses to contrast with the gray that descended on the ring.

This Is It was it for a unanimous selection to wear the blue. Ramsey Bullington was up for the David Watts family .

Reserve went to Pusher’s Hard Copy and Bobby Burton for Ron and Danna sharp, while Mark’s Look Away and Dick Peebles were third for Albert and Brenda Caudle.s