A Great Crowd Attended Wiser Farm Sale

by Stephanie Rose

SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. - Even though the Trainers’ Show was postponed, the 2009 Wiser Farm Trainers’ Show Sale went on. It was held on Saturday, March 21, 2009, at 10 a.m. at the Wiser Farm Sale Pavilion on Highway 64 West in Shelbyville. It was a beautiful day for the event. It featured pleasure horses, broodmares, show horses, yearlings, flat-shod and spotted saddle horses.

Wiser Farm, LLC puts on these sales throughout the year and the staff did a great job of making everything run smoothly. The next Wiser Farm sale will be the annual Fun Show Sale on May 23, 2009. It will also begin at 10 a.m.

Wiser Farm’s 2009 Trainers’ Show Sale Top Sellers

Lot# 26     One Pushy Lady
Seller:   David Ranson
Buyer:  Charles Gleghorn

Lot#  37    Pushing Buttons
Seller:  Buddy Bain 
Buyer:  Charles Gleghorn

Lot#  46    High Fare 
Seller:  Tommy Stewart
Buyer:  Margaret LaFlamme

Lot#  13     Danney’s Smokey  Amber Prince
Seller:  Larry Oswalt
Buyer: Laura Kidder

Lot#  24     Color Me Colors
Seller:  Phil Dunivan
Buyer:  Laura Kidder

Lot#  50     Marker’s Solid Gold
Seller:  Phil Dunivan
Buyer:  Curtis Teague

Lot#  6     Painted Lady Dot Com
Seller:  Harold Flynn
Buyer:  William D Carter

Lot# 66    Emergency C 
Seller:  Latham Stables
Buyer:  Rickey Carr

Lot# 53    Lite Night 
Seller:  Steve Glidewell
Buyer:  Mike Tibbs

Lot# 30    The Painted Doll
Seller:  Scott Wilhite
Buyer:  Larry Latham