For immediate news release:
Notice to the General Membership of the WHTA
On December 13, 2006 Jamie Bradshaw, Joel Weaver and myself had a meeting with Dr. Todd Behre in Riverdale, Maryland.  The following are some points that were discussed.  All of us must be ready to make some changes for our 2007 show season.
Dr. Behre started off by saying that there “was no hidden agenda to get rid of the pads and chains. They are within the regulations and the USDA had no problem with them.
He (Dr. Behre) said the USDA welcomed trainers at the DQP
Clinic and would allow us to take pictures and videos of the horses and the classroom discussions for further education of the trainers.
He seemed to be pleased with the job that the NHSC had done in the office, the records are always in good order.  He said we needed to take a long look at the DQP system and do a better job detecting and turning down the unlawful horse.  He also said that if the DQP would do their job, he would like to take a more inactive roll.
Dr. Behre thought that it was hard to have an objective inspection when the same DQP checked in one area all the time.  He thinks they should be moved around more.
Overall, it was a very positive meeting and looks to be the beginning of a good workable relationship.
Wink Groover
President Elect
Walking Horse Trainers Association