by Jennifer Maack-Condren

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - The Heart of America Walking Horse Association held its annual DQP Clinic on Saturday, March 14 at the Springfield Fire Station #6 in Springfield, Mo. Many participants, including returning and potential DQPs, trainers and owners were anxious to hear the presentation they only had the chance to read about as well as having the opportunity to ask questions.

Heart of America President Ted Nichols welcomed everyone to the clinic and then introduced Dr. Tanya Tims, VMO, Dr. Jeff Baker, VMO, and Beverly Harris with the USDA. Dr. Baker went over the needs for increased compliance in the show ring and the need for the industry to ensure that only compliant horses were shown. Dr. Tims gave a slide presentation showing various pasterns of horses that were “in compliance” or “out of compliance”. This topic presented many questions from the group just as it has at other clinic presentations. The use of thermography and inspection process were also discussed with many questions being posed from the group on these topics.

Returning and potential DQPs were given a written test as part of their licensure requirement. When the test and all questions to Dr. Baker and Dr. Tims had come to a close, the clinic then moved to Floyd Posenke Stables for some “hands-on training.” Dr. Tims and the DQPs inspected several horses during this session, including show horses, pleasure horses and horses brought in out of the pasture to see if they were in or out of compliance of the scar rule and eligible to show. Dr. Baker also demonstrated the use of the thermograph during this session.

Heart of America thanked Dr. Baker and Dr. Tims for traveling to Missouri to assist in the training session, Floyd Posenke for the use of his facilities for the training session and trainers who brought horses to be inspected by all participants.