February 28, 2002
The Heart O’ Dixie Walking and Racking Horse Association held its annual awards banquet on January 26, 2002 at Dennery’s Restaurant in Jackson, Mississippi. It began with a social hour which gave time for everyone to pay for their meals, renew memberships, buy raffle tickets, and look at items for silent auction. During that time we were entertained by Charlene Dudley playing the dulcimer.

Emcee was Dr. John Dial. He gave a report of the general membership meeting and the board of directiors meeting that was held earlier the same afternoon. Board of Directors for 2002 will be Lowell Stevens, Herb Hancock, Rick Corbello, Swep Williamson, Scotti Auld, Dale Watts, John Dial, Carol Canerday, and Sue James. Officers for the Board will be President, Dr. John Dial; First vice president, Herb Hancock; Second vice president Dale Watts; and treasurer, Carol Canerdy. Callie Childs will continue to serve as points keeper, Mary Jane Wooten will serve as Secretary for the board and editor of the monthly newsletter. After business was completed, Virgil Harris led the group in prayer. While the meals were being served, Dr. Dial entertained with his usual funny jokes.

This year the association had the priviledge of having Mr. Paul Ott entertain the crowd. Ott appears on TV around the country as well as local talk shows. He now hosts his own regional talk show “Listen to the Eagle.” His award winning TV spots are seen in all 50 states. He even sang for the President of the United States at his request. His is a message of God, family, and country. he has been acclaimed as one of the south’s greatest storytellers as well as a versatile singer. One of his most popular songs is “Ole Blue” which is, of course, about hunting. Mr. Ott invited several members of the audience to come to the front with him to ‘howl like a dog’ at the appropriate time during the song. Needless to say, grown men howling like dogs was a hoot. Awards for the 2001 show season were presented. Horse person of the year and horse show of the year are voted on by the members. Other awards are earned by points gathered through the year. Points in Amateur classes are kept on the exhibitor. Points in the Open division are tallied by horse.

Horse Person of the Year 2001
Dale Watts

Heart O’ Dixie Horse Show of the Year
McComb Lions Club Walking and Racking Horse Show

High Point Walking Horse Trainer
Jerry Woodlee

Two-Year-Old Open Walking
1 - Santini’s Rave Review for Lloyd Smith
2 - Loose Pocket Change for Brett and Lisa Jones
3 - Gen’s Knight And Day for Melinda Hamby

Three-Year-Old Open Walking
1 - Gen’s Auld Syne for Paula Berks
2 - The Skystrike for Brett and Lisa Jones
3 - Pusher’s Primary Color

Amateur 15.2 and Under Walking
1 - Brett Jones
2 - Dana Shirley
3 - Ricky Corbello

Amateur Ladies Walking Specialty
1 - Sophia Martin
2 - Patti Magee
3 - Vanya Brumfield

Amateur Two-Year-Old Walking
1 - Carol Canerday
2 - Pam Russell
3 - Brett Jones

Amateur Three-Year-Old Walking
1 - Melissa Fortenberry
2 - Carol Canerday
3 - Marjorie Everson

Amateur Four-Year-Old Walking Specialty
1 - Pam Russell
2 - Lloyd Smith
3 - Landon Head

Amateur Owned and Trained
1 - Lowell Stevens
2 - James Gatwood
3 - Ellen Sherf

Amateur Lite Shod Plantation Pleasure
1 - Judith Dial
2 - Callie Chiles
3 - Laura Leigh Dorman

Amateur Open Walking
1 - Marilyn Scott
2 - Horace Wilbert
3 - Ferrell Brumfield

Amateur Walking Specialty
1 - Lloyd Smith
2 - Ricky Corbello
3 - James Gatwood

Colts Under Halter
1 - This Lady Sings The Blues for Brian Smith
2 - A Little Bit Of Poison for Michael and Patti Magee
3 - Handshaker’s Last Memory for Sam Walker

Amateur Plantation Pleasure
1 - James Gatwood
2 - Pat Vinson
3 - Landon Head

Amateur Show Pleasure Specialty
1 - James Gatwood
2 - Jane Sandlin
3 - Kayla Martin

Juvenile Walking Specialty 11 and Under
1 - Sophia Sandlin
2 - Chance Stevens
3 - Elizabeth Morrison

Juvenile Walking 12-17
1 - Latoya Stevens
2 - Elisabeth Sandlin
3 - Miles Irby

Open Park Pleasure Specialty
1 - Stock’s Night Star for James Gatwood
2 - Walking To Jerusalem for Bert Head
3 - Swing Hallelujah for Pat Vinson

Open Walking Specialty
1 - Beam’s Lucky Star for White Rock Stables
2 - I Am That Man for Hal & Sophie Martin
3 - Pusher’s Timed And Doing for David Fennel

Juvenile Plantation Pleasure
1 - Landon Head
2 - Jamin Harris
3 - Wesley Gatwood

Walking Stake
1 - Secret Pushover for Hal & Sophie Martin
2 - Ebony Coin Dream for Bob & Marilyn Scott
3 - Another City Slicker for Roger Ivins