Youth 12-17

The senior age group of the youth division was quite competitive this year with 278 different horses earning points in this division. Pushin The Limits and Madison Holloway bested the competition by 35 points earning 230 points in 13 performances. Eight blue ribbons and a reserve world championship added up to a fantastic season for this talented team. Congratulations to our High Point Report champions!

Major Cigar and Barclay Woodward hit the ring even more often with 15 performances in 2004 earning 195 points to finish as our Reserve High Point Champion. Highlights of the season include wins at West Alabama Walking & Racking, Arab Park and Recreation Horse Show, Fairview Lions Club, East Tennessee Fall Classic, Liberty Lions, East Tennessee Fall Classic and the National Trainers Show.

Extra’s Diplomat and Lindsey Henry went once more for 16 performances to earn 191 points with seven blue ribbons this season across the Carolinas and Tennessee. This earned them the third place finish in the High Point Report.

Fourth place went to Prism Sky and MaryBeth Blessing. In addition to earning a world championship and finishing third in the world grand championship, this talented team won at McMinnville, Gallatin, Lewisburg, Southern Championships and Alabama Jubilee.

Watch For Glory and Maria Derickson were quite the team to earn fifth place in the standings. Highlights from their season include wins at Bethesda, Lynchburg, Gallatin, Great Strides, Oak Grove and Woodbury. In all they earned 173 points in 14 performances to finish in fifth.

Tying for the fifth place position are Kathryn Ramsbottom and Beam’s Eclipse. In earning their 173 point in 15 performances, this striking duo won classes at St. Louis and Lawrenceburg.

Other outstanding top 10 youth combinations include Swoosh and Megan Mozeley, Classic Rebel and Blake Hull and Brandon Derrick, I’m A Ritz and Stephanie Carter, Rare Cash and Lindsey Wall, Spellbound Generator and Michelle Walker, and Beaming Around and Zachary Bunch. Youth 11 & Under

Our 11 & Under High Point Report Champion is Sunrise Que Sera Sera and Christina Butler. 2004’s 11 & Under World Grand Champion and 11 & Under Mare World Champion, this delightful duo showed 10 times this season to earn nine blue ribbons and one reserve. Together they earned 178 points to be named our High Point Report champions. Congratulations to our winners!

Armed to Show and Maisie McSwain also enjoyed a terrific season and were named 11 & Under Youth World Champions in Section A. In addition, they earned seven other blue ribbons and a reserve for a total of eight blue ribbons in nine performances.

Benjamin Bowen and Sanman showed 11 times in 2004 to earn 154 points and a third place finish in the point standings. They were the Section B 11 & Under Youth World Champions and earned blue ribbons at Walking To Make A Difference, Nolensville, Summertown and Alabama Jubilee as well.

The Inside Track and Kristopher Ausburn earned 150 points in 13 performances to earn the fourth place finish in the points. Highlights of the season include wins at Holly Springs, Faith Haven, Nettleton, Magnolia Classic and the Mississippi State Charity Horse Show.

Fifth place in the points goes to Down On Main Street and Jordan Dean. Showing across the Carolinas and Virginia, this talented team earned 116 points in 12 performances including a good win at Florence Charity Horse Show in Florence, SC.

Rounding out the 11 & Under champions are Doc’s High Noon and Brandon Givens, Bold Stroke’s Attraction and Hailey Puckett, Senator’s Delight of Pride and Codi Marie Wright, Flashy Cash and Rachel Hyneman, and Star of the Year and Annalisa Cooper. Youth Walking Ponies

Sure Threat’s Masterpiece was the sure winner in the Walking Ponies category. Samantha Gaddy shows Sure Threat’s Masterpiece for the Sim Gaddy family. Together and with a few catch rides from Kayla Baucom, they earned 184 points in 12 performances. Highlights of the season include wins at Walking to Make A Difference, Land O The Sky, South Carolina Ladies Auxiliary Spring Show, NCWHA Spring, Stanley County Saddle Club, North Carolina Championships, South Carolina Championships and East Tennessee Fall Classic. Congratulations!

Final Keeper and Morgan LeGate are our Reserve High Point Champions earning 159 points in nine performances this season. A World Championship certainly was the highlight of the season, but they also earned six other blue ribbons this season for a total record of seven blues and two reserves.

Reserve World Champions Pusher’s General and Megan Mozeley earned 136 points in their nine performances to claim third in the final High Point Report. Wins at Wartrace, McMinnville, St. Louis and Gulf Coast highlighted a fantastic season for the pair.

Mighty Brew and Haley Lane earned 125 points in 10 performances to earn a fourth place finish. Wins including Twin Cities Classic, Carrollton Walking & Racking, and the Heard County Lions Club show highlighted their season.

Fifth place in the point standings went to Reserve World Grand Champions Key West and Andy Adkins. Winners at Arab, Summertown, Fayetteville and the Magnolia Classic, Key West and Andy Adkins earned 121 points in eight performances.

Other outstanding walking ponies this 2004 season include Skywalk and Seth Stanfill, Silver Design and Barclay Woodward, Half Dollar and Wes Hendrick, Cover Charge and Dalia Smith, and Frankie Blue Eyes and A.J. Bell. Equitation

Alex Bumpus dominated the Equitation High Point Report earning 245 points - nearly 140 more than the nearest competitor - in 13 performances this season. Two Celebration blues made for a stellar season on their own, but add in nine more blue ribbons and you’ve got yourself a season to remember. Congratulations Alex!

Rachel Jernigan also did her fair share of winning. In only six performances, she earned 108 points. She won all season long at the Trainers’ Show, St. Louis, Owingsville, and Kentucky Ladies Auxiliary and earned two thirds at the Celebration for her efforts.

Lindsey Landrum also showed only six times and earned 104 points to secure third in the point standings. In addition to her Saddlebred equitation career, Landrum won this season at Money Tree, the Mississippi State Charity Horse Show, and the International Grand Championships. She also was reserve world champion at the Celebration.

Lakita Lykins earned a fourth place finish with 87 points earned in six performances. Highlights of her season include wins at Derby Day Classic and the Kentucky Celebration.

Erica Derickson showed only four times, but won at the Moneytree and earned two reserves at the Celebration to earn a total of 76 points and fifth place in the final point standings.

Rounding out the equitation top 10 are Hollis Anthony, Rachel Burch, Tiffany Sumrow, Paige Bennett, Shelby Foat, Christina Sawtell, Mackenzie Brown and Kendel Domres. Walking Horse Auxiliary

The Walking Horse Auxiliary division includes classes from all the Auxiliary memberships across the country, not just the parent organization WHT Auxiliary, so it takes into account a broad range of classes across the country.

Ann Callicutt and Yvonna Matthis both showed our High Point Report Champion, My Bright Star, in Auxiliary classes across the Carolinas for a total of 14 performances and 195 points. A total of seven blue ribbons and five reserves highlighted a spectacular season.

Springs Starmaker and Joyce Marie Green showed 13 times this season including wins at Lynchburg, Oak Grove, Mt. Pleasant, the Harvest Festival and the National Trainers’ Show to earn 161 points and the Reserve High Point Report Championship.

Fantazmic Cash and Vickie Hughes Grindstaff earned third place in the High Point Report by winning classes throughout the ETWHA area. Nine blue ribbons and two reserves were earned from their 11 performances this season netting them 147 points.

Karen Callaway did the honors with Ample Cash six times this season to earn 99 points and a fourth place finish in the points. Outstanding wins include Eagleville, Lewisburg, and Mississippi State Charity.

Fifth place goes to Silver Design’s Entertainer and Jan Crawford who earned 87 points by showing nine times successfully across East Tennessee.

The remaining Auxiliary top 10 are Sky Command and Yvonna Matthis, The Cash Collector and Amanda Dickerson, Night Twister and Dru McCormick, Double Overtime and Stacy Blackburn, and I’m Shania and Angelynn Ezzell. Amateur Owned & Trained

Always competitive, the amateur owned and trained division features Extra Ebony and Clay Mills as the High Point Report Champions. This outstanding combination earned 180 points in 11 performances this season which netted 11 blues for a perfect season. The talented pair included the 2004 Amateur Owned and Trained World Championship in their list of wins this season. Congratulations to our deserving winners!

Private Terms and Dana Kyte were pushing hard with 13 performances this season to net 163 points and a reserve finish in the High Point Report. Wins this season include Kingsport Civilian, South Central Ruritan, Surgoinsville, United Walking & Racking, Viriginia Celebration and ETWHA Trainers’ Show.

Ebony’s Coin Dream and Marilyn Scott earned 8 blue ribbons in 15 performances for a total of 150 points and the third place finish in the point standings.

Stormy’s Black Rain finished in fourth place in the High Point Report with both Judy Keene, and Jim and Summer Sullivan doing the honors in the saddle. Highlights of the season include wins at Martin, Nettleton, Faith Haven, MidSouth Horse Show Association’s Show, Magnolia Classic, White Oak, Gun Town and Mississippi Sheriff’s Charity Horse Show.

Fifth place goes to Who Am I and Jeff Sanderson who earned blues this season at Purchase Area, Mid America Spring, Brownsville, Fulton Tourism Walking & Racking, Ripley and Illinois Fall Classic.

Rounding out the top 10 amateur owned and trained contenders are Royal Imprint and Susan Paul, The Great Satchmo and LaRue McWaters, Cash Gordon and Shane Porterfield, Poison’s D Con and Jimmy Ellington, MG’s General Cut and Gayla Kail, and Queen’s Magic Lady and Dwayne Robinson. Amateur Owned & Trained Pleasure

The amateur owned and trained pleasure category was captured by Generator’s Coal Dust and Jacob Schulz. Together they showed 12 times to earn 109 points across Wisconsin. Highlights of the season include wins at Wisconsin Fall Finals, Wisconsin Fall Festival, Jefferson County, and the Wisconsin Spring Warm-Up.

Thirty-one points behind the champion is Grandy’s Fancy Lady and Martha Crawford who earned 78 points in eight performances to be the Reserve High Point Report Champions. Six wins and two reserves highlighted their fantastic season.

Drop the Hammer and Connie Waldo earned points in multiple categories. In the amateur owned and trained, they earned 71 points in four shows to finish in third in this category. They won at Gallatin, the International, and Southern Championships in addition to finishing in fourth at the Celebration.

Armed Lady From Dixie and Wayne Westbrook won two classes at the International and a reserve world championship to earn 67 points in this category and secure a fourth place finish.

Fifth place goes to Reserve World Champions The Cash Collector and Amanda Dickerson who won at North Carolina Foothills Jubilee and ENCSC Inc Charity Horse Show to earn 65 points.

Rounding out the top 10 winners are Hack’s Society Man and Jim Couris, It’s Up In Arms and Darden Gladney, Perfect Cents and Michelle Hodne, A Daring Affair and Faye Lynn Coffey, North Star By Design and Brandon Helms, and Acapulco and Maggie Moore.