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Neal Holland, Bob Kilgore and David Landrum are proud to announce a new annual yearling sale, The Yearling Festival at Sand Creek, to be held during the final week of the 2006 Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration.

“We are excited about the accomplishments of each of these three partners in the horse sales arena and it seems only natural to move forward in our relationship and build a partnership to offer a unique opportunity to the yearling horse buyer and seller,” said partner Neal Holland.

“For the first time since I've been in the horse business, we're getting close to having all the buyers and sellers in one location. I'm excited because this consolidation cannot mean anything but something positive for the yearling business. It is good for the buyers and the sellers - it's the closest we've come to getting everyone together - and that has to be good for the horse business,” says partner Bob Kilgore.

David Landrum and Jerrold Pedigo will continue to direct The Kentucky After Christmas Sale held at Tattersalls each year. The five-day consignment sale always ends the first Saturday in February.

“I'm enthusiastic about this opportunity to embark on a new adventure in the sales business. I'm thrilled to be part of this new group and look forward to a long relationship and a better buying and selling experience for the yearling consignor and purchaser,” said partner David Landrum.

The number of days of the Yearling Festival at Sand Creek will be based upon the number of consignments received. Additional information about consignment deadlines will be available soon in the Walking Horse Report.