Video services for the 73rd Annual Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration will be provided by What A Horse.  What A Horse will provide a live stream for all evening sessions, a live stream and video to each barn on the show grounds and offer single horse class videos as well as post show highlight videos.

Streams to the barns will be $300 per barn hookup.  Single horse class videos will be $75.  Both of these services will require pre-payment and orders can be placed in advance.  The live stream on the internet will be priced the same as in 2010:
Full Access for all Nights - $64.95 (Includes the day classes)
Championship Nights - $34.95
Championship Night (one night) - $14.95
Single Day (non-championship night) - $9.95.

Barn access will carry the live stream and when the show is not in session will feature 24 hour Tennessee Walking Horse video. 

For more information contact What A Horse at