SHOW has announced that horse sales will be given a special exemption under its new fee restructure for 2010.  SHOW announced an annual one-time $100 fee for all horses that show in a SHOW affiliated horse shows in 2010.  However, because of the unique nature of horse sales, horses going through sales in 2010 will not be required to purchase the $100 SHOW Horse Card.

“It is very important for us to consider all parties with our new fee structure,” said SHOW CEO Dr. Doyle Meadows.  “We felt that it was very important, given the unique nature of horse sales in our industry, to extend this exemption to horse sales across the industry.”

The SHOW fee restructure was aimed at helping horse shows across the industry as well as provide adequate funding for the implementation of veterinarian oversight, implementation of the white paper, a new rulebook and improvements in the judging program.

Horse shows that affiliate with SHOW in 2010 will only pay the fee and expense of the DQP.  They will not pay any affiliation fee or inspection fees.  Also as part of the plan there will be no licensing fees for DQPs or judges in the SHOW program.

Horse sales will be required to pay the fee and expense of the DQP just as horse shows will but the horses entered in the sale will not be required to purchase the $100 SHOW horse card.  “We are well aware of the recent struggles for horse sales across the industry.  We also know that many of the sales focus on the yearlings across the industry.  Given these unique circumstances our board felt strongly that horse sales should get this exemption,” said SHOW board chairman Charles McDonald.

“We continue to look at many aspects of our program and will be announcing more about its specifics over the coming weeks and months.  We won’t be able to address every special circumstance but we plan to be as thorough as possible,” concluded McDonald.