Humane Society of United States on Defensive; Releases Inflammatory and False Video of Known Felon to Distract from Criticism that They Allowed Horse Abuse for Eleven Straight Months

Shelbyville, TN  - The Humane Society of the United States was on the defensive today over a Chattanooga Times Free Press article that ran in today’s newspaper detailing the fact that they allowed horse abuse to continue for 11 months in order to fuel their fundraising and public relations machines. Their response was to release a video testimonial from a convicted felon and horse abuser who was turned into authorities by SHOW HIO and banned from the Celebration for eternity. The fact is that the Celebration, SHOW HIO and TWSHO are committed to reform and have implemented the strictest standards and penalties in the business.

Link to Chattanooga Times Free Press article:

Link to yesterday’s press release calling out the Humane Society of the United States: