IMPORTANT - Inspect Your Hay - Dangerous Blister Beetles in CO Hay Supplies Friday, February 23, 2007

Blister beetles have been found in alfalfa hay in the Birmingham, Alabama area. This hay originated in east Colorado. As of today (Feb. 23, 2007), two horses have died and seven more are being treated at Coosa Valley Equine Clinic. Several of the seven may not make it. The toxicity of these Beetles is extreme. The two that died were fed hay yesterday morning and dead by noon.

This hay was sold by a reputable hay man who has bought over 150,000 bales of alfalfa from the harvester in Colorado for more than ten years. This is a very unfortunate incident.

Anyone in Alabama, or anyone who may have purchased hay that could have come from CO, should inspect their hay for the red striped beetle. This hay could be more broadly distributed than just Alabama.

Editor’s note: This information was provided by the National Equine Rescue Coalition. The organization can be found at