The International Board of the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association (TWHBEA) voted not to ratify the earlier actions of its Executive Committee supporting HR 1518, sponsored by Ed Whitfield. The motion not to ratify those actions of the Executive Committee was made by Tom Kakassy and Kakassy requested a roll call vote.  The vote was 27-17 in favor of Kakassy's motion with one director abstaining.

The early morning decision by the Executive Committee to support H.R. 1518 came three days after the same Executive Committee voted not to support H.R. 1518.  Jason Bachert, Wayne Dean and Buster Black were not at this morning's Executive Committee meeting.  Those members voting in favor of supporting Whitfield's bill were President Tracy Boyd, Denise Keyser, Dr. Linda Montgomery, Pat Stout, Joyce Moyer (who made the motion in the Executive Committee meeting), Rick Weis and Caroline Hoffman.  Voting in opposition to Moyer's motion were Christy Lantis, Dr. David Mullis, Mike Hicks and Rob Cornelius.

A complete story from the TWHBEA meeting will be posted online and in the June 3rd issue of WHR.