The 41st International to be held at the Tennessee Miller Coliseum July 26-August 3, 2019 has a few rules for clarification as follows:
4-H Division:   
Junior 4-H Classes are Youth 11 & Under
Junior High/Senior Classes are Youth 12-17 
There are no entry fees for 4-H classes and open to any breed. 

Racking and Spotted Division:
Two handed is allowed in all classes and may be English or Western 

Helmet Requirement:
Youth 11 & Under are required to wear a safety helmet in all classes 

Showmanship and In-hand class horses may be shown in bridle or halter 

No pets are allowed in the TN Miller Coliseum. Outside pets must be on a leash at all times 

Payment for classes:  
Before back numbers are assigned for any horse a check, or credit card information must be on file for each horse 

Food trucks will be available this year. For information on the International please go to the International tab on the WHOA website: