By Christy Howard Parsons

Four-Year-Old World Grand Champion Jose's Intimidator and Jamie Bradshaw were scheduled to show Saturday night at Columbia in their first bid for the 2006 World Grand Championship. Unfortunately, Intimidator slid and fell at the barn on Friday while Bradshaw was working him, and as a result he was unable to show on Saturday night.

“He slid down and acted like he had pulled a muscle at the time. He was still a little stiff on Saturday morning, but it worked its way out when I rode him. By Saturday night after the ride on the trailer to Columbia, the muscle tightened up. I took him through inspection and warmed him up hoping it would work its way out again, but I could tell he wasn't okay,” explained Bradshaw.

“Intimidator was born and raised on this farm and I've known him every day of his life. I can tell when something is bothering him,” continued Bradshaw.

Bradshaw made the difficult decision to disappoint his fans and not to show his horse. He has already seen the veterinarian this morning and the official diagnosis is a pulled hamstring. All xrays are good, and the prescribed course of action is rest and time for the hamstring to heal. Bradshaw has already made an appointment with specialists at the University of Tennessee, in case he does not heal as quickly as the veterinarians expect.

“Right now everything looks good. He is putting weight on it. He's never been sick a day in his life, and we just want to do the right thing for him,” said Bradshaw.