Marty Irby has resigned as a director at the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders' & Exhibitors' Association representing Tennessee.  Irby did not give a reason for his resignation in his email to TWHBEA.  Irby recently filed bankruptcy and claimed no ownership of horses.  It is a requirement of directors to own a registered Tennessee Walking Horse.  TWHBEA records do show Irby owning three horses individually and three horses jointly. Irby also recently told TWHBEA officials that he did own two horses.

Irby also recently took a job with Congressman Ed Whitfield in Washington, D.C.  Although living in Washington Irby informed TWHBEA that his official address was in Gallatin, Tenn. The address given was the same address on file for Donna Benefield.  Benefield and Irby have recently worked together promoting the PAST Act.  If Irby lives in Washington that would also violate his requirements for a director representing Tennessee.