Jackie McConnell has taken back the lead from Link Webb in this weeks Riders Cup standings.  Jackie leads Link by 150 points with 4,140 points in 23 classes to Link's 3,990 in 25 classes. In the first four weeks the point standings have been published, McConnell has led twice and Webb has led twice.

   A total of 93 trainers entered and qualified for the program and currently 58 have earned points.

   Rounding out the top five places are Knox Blackburn - 2,950; Jimmy CmConnell - 2,720 and Mickey McCormick - 1,830.

   As of May 11, 40 shows have signed up for the program with a number of others committed but their paper work has still not come into the Trainers' office.  The goal for the program was 50 shows but Cup officials are now targetting 75 shows this first season.