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Jazz and Star Top Aged Stallions



By Mark Davis


            Yea, oh Yea! It’s the first Saturday night in Shelbyville.  Last night’s deluge of rains seem to have carried over a little bit with cloudy skies and scattered showers in the area, but hopefully they will stay out of the Shelbyville area and allow the evening’s show to go off without a hitch.  The benefit of the rain has been the cooler temperatures and nice, cool breeze.  If things can stay dry, it should be a beautiful evening for horse show excitement.

            We should have plenty of that indeed with the top schedule already on tap which included the Youth Riders 15-17 on Walking Mares or Geldings, Two Year Old Mares, Yearling World Grand Championship and, of course, the Aged Stallions, but with the classes being halted due to weather last evening we now have three additional classes on tonight’s schedule.  They included the Elite Owner-Amateur Gentleman Riders on Walking Mares or Geldings, Owner Amateur Lady Riders on Walking Mares and Plantation Pleasure Walking Horses, Lite Shod, Riders 18 and Over.  It should be one exciting night.

            Along with all the horse show action we on tap for this evening, it’s Patriotic Night at the Celebration and that always means an opening ceremony to remember.  Bro. Mark Pierce of the Horse Mountain Church Of Christ, Shelbyville, Tenn. delivered the evening’s invocation followed by the singing of the National Anthem by Crystal Albonoz & Eric Morris of Clarksville, Tenn.

            The judges for The 69th Annual Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration include Mike Carpenter of Franklin, Tenn., Allen Forman of Thomson, Ga., Justin Jenne’ of Lewisburg, Tenn., Sam Sorrell of Lexington, Ky., and Ronnie Spears of Tullahoma, Tenn.

            Leading off the evening’s schedule was class 53, Elite Owner Amateur Gentleman Riders on Walking Mares or Geldings.  Fifteen of the 29 expected made their way down the hill to work for the big Saturday night crowd and the judging panel, led by Call Judge Sam Sorrell.  Riding to the top of the action was the big walking mare, Hey Hey Ole and owner/exhibitor Bob Medina of Skillman, N.J.  With this win, coupled with a 2001 win in the division, Medina retired The Ed Turrentine Memorial Challenge Trophy and The Robert M. Thomas Memorial Challenge Trophy.  High Jacked and Dr. Jim Baum walked away with the red streamers for Lisa Baum of Shelbyville, Tenn.  Taking third back to the Buckeye state, I’m Clark Kent and owner/exhibitor Bruce Vaughn of Valley City, Ohio were third.

            Moving to class 56, Owner-Amateur Lady Riders on Walking Mares, 15 of the 35 with reservations made their way to the big oval to work as Judge Allen Forman called the gaits in the division.  When all the work was done, it really was a dream come true for JFK’s Irish Dream and Sue Harrington, who rode to the winner’s circle in the event for the second consecutive year for Joe Harrington of LaQuienta, Calif.  With this win, the duo retired The My Jackie O Memorial Challenge Trophy.   This pair’s 2007 resume’ featured wins at Shelbyville, Tenn.’s National Walking Horse Trainers’ Show and Spring Fun Show and Murfreesboro, Tenn.’s Bethesda Horse Show.  A High Dollar Charge and owner/exhibitor Beverly Sherman of Dallas, Texas collected the reserve honors.  Headed back to the Bluegrass, Silverado Spirit and Erin Graff accepted the golden streamers for David and Erin Graf of South Portsmouth, Ky.

            Class 57 featured the Plantation Pleasure Walking Horses, Lite Shod, Riders 18 Years and Over with 19 of the 32 programmed entries came to show off for the extra large Saturday night crowd in attendance as Judge Justin Jenne’ lead the panel.  Topping the division and picking up World Championship #2 for the 2007 Celebration was Little Dumas and trainer Mike Klutz presenting for Linda and C.B. Daughtridge of Rocky Mount, N.C.  Commanding Dakota and Dickie Scrivner rode into the second position for Double Springs Farm of Murfreesboro, Tenn.  Connie Waldo and Drop The Hammer picked up the yellow ribbon for Waldo & Leek, LLC of Cedar Creek, Texas and Shelbyville, Tenn.

            Moving into the regular Saturday night schedule,  class 69, Owner-Amateur Youth Riders 15-17 on Walking Mares or Geldings, featured 24 of the 40 on the entry sheets working for their chance to make that sentimental journey down victory lane at The Celebration under the watchful eye of Judge Mike Carpenter and staff.  What a class of horses this would turn out to be.  There were some absolutely outstanding horses being shown at their very best by the young riders.  Topping the division was a familiar face, Dalia Smith and Pushin’ That Jazz, 2007 champions at the National Walking Horse Trainers’ Show and the Gallatin, Tenn. Lions Club Show, riding to the winner’s circle for Molly & Annabelle Smith of Manchester, Ky.  This marks the third year that Dalia has won the 15-17 Youth division at The Celebration meaning she has won every year she was eligible to show, quite an accomplishment indeed.  Prizm Sky and Mary Beth Blessing were reserve in the event for What A Blessing Farm of Bristol, Tenn.  Andy Adkins and Downtown Pusher were third for Randall & Sadie Baskin and Andy Adkins of Franklin & Ethridge, Tenn.

            Class 70A brought the Owner-Amateur Novice Lady Riders on Novice Walking Mares or Geldings to the ring.  Fourteen of the 23 expected made the call to work for that chance to ride right out of the Novice division in front of a Saturday Night Celebration crowd as Judge Allen Forman called the gaits.  A novice no more, Secret Sky and Kelly Moore made a stellar performance to pick up their first ever Celebration blue for Randy and Kelly Moore of Martin, Tenn.  Remaining a novice for another day, Jazz Man’s Echo and Kelly Lokey-Stewart rode in for the red streamers for J & M Farms of Baileyton, Ala.  West Point and owner/exhibitor Kristal Murphy of Atlanta, Ga., were third.

            Twenty more duos made the trip down the hill for class 70B, Owner-Amateur Novice Lady Riders on Novice Walking Mares or Geldings hoping tonight might be their night to make that coveted trip out of the big oval with that first Celebration blue.  Judge Justin Jenne’ served as Call Judge in the split.  The winner in this division was a very familiar face to most everyone, Suzy Johnson of Shelbyville, Tenn.  However, she’s normally not seen on a horse more than once or twice a year, usually she just takes her place on the rail cheering on family and friends.  This year’s been a little different as she and Mr Kamikazi teamed up to not only pick up wins at Jackson, Miss.’s Mississippi Charity Horse Show, Manchester, Tenn.’s Lions Club Horse Show and Shelbyville, Tenn’s Liberty Lions Club Horse Show, but a Celebration blue.  She’s High Falutin’ and Tina Graves were reserve for Emilee Graves of Bell Buckle, Tenn.  Eb’s Night Storm and Taryn Harris were third for Terri Harris of Prestonburg, Ky.

            It was time to get in a western frame of mind for class 71, Western Park Pleasure Walking Horses (Canter).  Seven of the 16 expected hit the rail to work for Judge Sam Sorrell and his cohorts.  Now, you can’t tell me that the evening crowds don’t enjoy a good pleasure horse class, our folks got all excited throughout this class and came to their feet when announcer Chip Walters called the reigning WGC Armed & Trigger Happy and Patrick Thomas to the winner’s circle for Debbie & Jim Nichols of New Market, Tenn.  This win was preceded by top honors at the Columbia Spring Jubilee, the Bethesda Horse Show and Corinth, Miss.’s Magnolia Classic.  Dragonfire and Jamey Thompson were a popular reserve for Jim Heiting of Riverside, Calif.  Go Boy’s Dark Spirit and Jennifer Pendleton had their share of the crowd as well riding in for third for Huckaby & Pendleton of Columbia and Shelbyville, Tenn.

            Class 72A, brought the Owner-Amateur Novice Youth Riders 12-17 on Novice Walking Mares or Geldings to the big oval with 20 of the 25 with reservations heading down to work for their chance to ride away with their first Celebration blue.  Judge Ronnie Spears led the panel in the split.  Taking that first blue back to the land of the Carolina blue was Pusher’s General and Megan Mozeley up for David Mozeley of Charlotte, N.C.  Ritz’s Chocolate Bon Bon and owner/exhibitor Rae Ellen Thompson of Edmonton, Ky., rode in for second.  Another Kentucky exhibitor, Austin Jones and Jordan collected the yellow streamers for Ray Jones Trucking, Inc, of Greenville, Ky.

            Sixteen of the 20 on the books for Class 72B, Owner-Amateur Novice Youth Riders 12-17 on Novice Walking Mares or Geldings took the rail to work for their chance to make the sentimental journey down victory lane as Judge Mike Carpenter called the gaits.  Headed back to the Bluegrass, Caleb Kilburn and Main Majorette picked up the first ever win for Salt Lick Farms of Salt Lick, Ky. This win added to a 2007 win list which featured titles from Shelbyville, Tenn.’s Liberty Lions Club Horse Show, McMinnville, Tenn.’s Warren County Horse Show and Lewisburg, Tenn.’s Marshall County Horse Show. Classic Games and Nick Plafcan remained in the novice division for another day as they rode to reserve for Phyllis Langley of Sandpoint, Idaho.  I’m John Bull and Olivia Boyle accepted third for John Boyle of Shelbyville, Tenn.

            The professional trainers were back in the big oval for class 73A, Two-Year-Old Walking Mares.  Twenty six of the 36 expected made their way down the hill to work for Judge Allen Foreman and his cohorts.  Delivering a knockout performance in the division was the team of Champ’s First Round and Joel Weaver up for Brett & Lisa Jones of Tylertown, Miss.  It had already been a good year for this team as they picked up wins at the Mississippi Charity Horse Show, Gallatin, Tenn.’s Lions Club Horse Show and Neshoba County Classic Show.  Phillip Trimble and Underlined With Cash pulled in for second for Jody & Kim Jones of Lawrenceburg, Tenn.  Texarita and Herbert Derickson picked up the golden streamers for Wink and Nancy Groover of Longview, Texas.

            Twenty-three more outstanding young mares were on deck and ready to show as announcer Chip Walters called them to the ring for Class 73B, Two-Year-Old Walking Mares.  Judge Justin Jenne’ served as Call Judge for the section.  Walking to the winner’s circle with a unanimous decision of the panel were Jose’s Ritzy Doll and John Allan Callaway, champions at the Shelbyville, Tenn. Band Boosters Horse Show and Eagleville, Tenn.’s Lions Club Horse Show, riding for C & C Stables, LLC of Lawrenceville, Ga.  Tim Smith and One Last Command picked up the red streamers for G.L. & Beverly McNeil of Andalusia, Ala.  Dollars Of Gold and Herbert Derickson were third for Don & Lucky Collins of Ft. Myers, Fla. & Shelbyville, Tenn. 

            Class 74 brought the Owner-Amateur Riders on Walking Ponies, Stallions to the track with 22 of the 42 on the entry sheets beat the clock to take the rail and work for Celebration acclaim under the watch of Call Judge Sam Sorrell and staff.  These horses may be small, but don’t think they can’t do some BIG walkin’.  Proving that point better that any would be the champion in this event, 2005 WC Prime Poison and Brenda Carlon, champions this year at Columbia, Tenn.’s Spring Jubilee, Murfreesboro, Tenn.’s Exchange Club Horse Show, Murfreesboro, Tenn.’s Bethesda Horse Show and Lewisburg, Tenn.’s Marshall County Horse Show, riding for Dr. Harv Carlon of Lowell, Mi.  Jacked Up and Lee Wall were reserve in the strong division for Lee Wall and Mike McGartland of Jackson, Miss. & Ft. Worth, Texas.  Shock Jock and Becky Coleman were third for Michael & Becky Coleman of Money, Miss.

            Class 75 featured the first World Grand Championship of the 2007 schedule, the Yearling World Grand Championship with 11 entries working the big oval for the chance to pick up that first set of roses and make that walk in the spotlight that one would never forget.  Judge Ronnie Spears served as Call Judge in the class.  The panel determined that additional work would be necessary to name the World Grand Champion and pulled in three yearlings for additional work.  When all the work was complete, it was Pat Head Summitt and Amanda Winters making that walk of a lifetime with a unanimous decision of the panel.  This filly made a clean sweep of the Yearling division winning the TWHBEA National Futurity, the Owner/Amateur Yearling World Championship, the Yearling Filly World Championship and now the Yearling World Grand Championship, very impressive indeed.  Leading in for reserve was Maybe I’m Maybelline and Chris Richards with Pearl Handle Six Shooters and Bobby Richards accepting third.  All three of these outstanding yearlings are owned by Dr. Roger Richards of Hendersonville, Tenn.

            The amateur riders were back for one final time for the Saturday evening performance for class 76, Owner-Amateur Novice Gentleman Riders on Novice Walking Stallions.  Nineteen of the 29 expected made their way down to the big oval to work for the approval of Judge Mike Carpenter and his cohorts.  Riding out of the novice division on a birthday he’ll never forget, Jazz’s Master and Buddy Stasney put on a stellar performance to not only claim the win, but do so with a unanimous decision of the judging panel for Lisa & Bryce Stasney of Lincolnton, N.C.  Jazz’s Rhythm & Blues and Seth Joseph pulled in for the red streamers for The Doug Joseph Family of Chelsea, Ala.

            Finally, it’s the time everyone had been waiting on all night long, Class 77A, Walking Stallions, Five-Years and Over, Over 15.2.  Even another rain shower didn’t keep the crowd, which was announced mid evening at 15, 691 and appears to have grown considerably since then after the early rains subsided, from getting all fired up as Larry Bright was playing the Flat Walk Boogie all the way.  Twelve of the 20 with reservations spread out on the track to work for the approval of the judges and the crowd and Judge Allen Forman served as Call Judge for the split.  Delivering a flawless performance to top the division for the second consecutive year was Master Of Jazz and Jimmy McConnell up for Contender Farms/Lee Wall & Mike McGartland of Jackson, Miss. & Ft. Worth, Texas.  With the win, the team retired The Ebony’s Time Around & Mr. & Mrs. Manning W. Jones Memorial Challenge Trophy, The Marvin Wilson Memorial Challenge Trophy and The S.P. “Pete” Anderson Memorial Challenge Trophy.  Rowdy Rev and Bill Bobo were strong throughout the class and didn’t miss a beat as they pulled in to accept the reserve honors for Bill Harlin of Franklin, Tenn.  PGA and John Allan Callaway were third for The Lanier Family of Atlanta, Ga.

            Class 77B, Walking Stallions, Five Years and Over, Over 15.2 brought nine of the 22 expected down to the big oval for the review of the judges and the crowd as Judge Justin Jenne’ called the gaits in the section.  When the work was complete, it was the 2006 Junior World Grand Champion, Star and Jackie McConnell making stellar performance to top the division and make the victory pass for O & W Moody Ltd. Of Batesville, Ark.  Private Charter and Knox Blackburn were reserve for R. Bud Moore of Catherine, Alabama.  2005 Junior WGC Jose’s Intimidator and Jamie Bradshaw were third for Randall Ferguson of Union Grove, Ala.

            With that one final victory lap complete, the first Saturday night of the 69th Annual Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration was in the record books.  Some questions were answered, but some certainly still remain.  One thing was certainly for sure, if the Aged Stallions are as good next Saturday as they were tonight, we will have one of the best World Grand Championship classes in recent history.  You’d better make your plans now to be here.

            The action’s not over, no, not in the least.  Sunday night features the Four-Year-Old Stallion preliminary and the Aged Mares and the Two –Year-Old Stallions and 15.2 and Under Stallions highlight Monday Night.  The hot competition will continue throughout the week, so make sure you’re here to take part in the action that can only be found at The Celebration.

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