by Renee Isaacs

BOLWING GREEN, Ky. - The Kentucky Breeders’ Incentive Program held their annual horse show at Highland Stables in Bowling Green, Ky., on Sept. 27, 2008. Charles and Betty Moseley own the facility and offer it each year for the program to use. Each nominated horse could show one time at this show and would accumulate double points for showing. Example, a lead horse would have gotten two points for this show and a riding horse would have gotten four points for this show. Twenty-two classes were offered and the event brought in 199 horses. The judges’ names were thrown into a basket and a different name was called to judge each class.

As many know, the KEEPS program is a great program and influences more people to bring more horses to show and more breeders to breed. One of the program’s focus is to assure that Kentucky stays the horse capital of the world and to also help the horse show industry.

Blair Knight organized the show and would like to thank everyone who came and supported the show. Participants received money for each point they have each year and the total amount of money allowed for the walking horse industry is approximately $400,000 per year.

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