by Linda Scrivner

LEXINGTON, Ky. - A crowd of 440 on Friday night opened the Annual Kentucky Walking Horse Association (KWHA) High Point Awards Banquet and Annual Meeting. In addition to the festivities, numerous meetings, including election of officers, were packed into the fun filled weekend of Jan. 14 -15, at the Embassy Suites in Lexington, Ky.

A special meeting began the weekend of business and fun on Friday evening. The KWHA Ladies Auxiliary held a special meeting to vote on three proposed changes. All three were voted unanimously. They increased the annual dues and revised the bylaws to not include special dollar amount of dues; then they revised the time period for earning participation points from one Celebration to the next to meet the point requirements for showing at the Celebration.

The Friday night buffet and awards presentations of ribbons, silver and crystal followed,with more meetings held on Saturday. The fun concluded at the gambling tables of the casino, a 50/50 drawing and dancing to live music Saturday evening into Sunday morning.

Special awards were presented in various categories. Mandie Napier won the Juvenile Sportsmanship award while sister Alie Napier was presented with the Amateur Sportsmanship title. Mike Alexander was named the Professional Sportsman of the Year. Owner of the Year went to Linda Patton of Sweet Revenge Stables. Trainer of the Year by Votes went to Mike Oney. Trainer of the Year by Points was awarded to McQuerry Stables with more than 5500 accumulated points.

The Juvenile Horse of the Year was Laurie Herchenroeder’s Call Me Hytone, while Terry Logan Lunsford claimed the Amateur Horse of the Year with Royalty’s Painkiller. The Plantation Horse of the Year went to Pattern’s Gen and Renee Allen Dauer. Oliver Stables and Clutches Holiday captured the Show Pleasure Horse of the Year award. Mr.Powerstroke won the Racking Horse of the Year award for owner Julie George. Sandra Shannon and Generator’s Scooby Doo proudly accepted the Halter Horse of the Year, and Linda Patton’s Johnny Orlando won the Open Horse Of the Year.

Three presentations were made to the Central Kentucky Riding for Hope program. Wayne Altom, treasurer, presented a check for $3,000, followed by a presentation by the KWHA Auxiliary President Patti Reynolds for $1,000 to the general fund. The KWHALA has been the longest continued supporters of this program. Sue Alexander, Spring Jubilee horse show manager, made an additional $1,000 contribution to the building fund. Since the organization is bursting at the seams, and a new facility is in the future plans. Pat Kline accepted the contributions and discussed the new name change since this program has created “hope” for so many.

The Don and Louise Cooper award was then presented by Pat Kline. This award is presented to someone each year who contributes and participates in the KWHA in a non riding capacity. This year’s award went to a woman who selflessly gave to the organization and spent many hours assisting with the KWHA and its membership, Janet May.

In a tradition that started in 2001, three people were inducted into the KWHA Hall of Fame, which honors members who had contributed to the success of the KWHA. The Hall of Fame Committee consisted of Chairman Denzil Allen, Bob McQuerry, Duane Rector and Kenny Smith. The new honorees were Snuffy Smith, Walt Bruner and John Alexander. Snuffy Smith’s daughter accepted his award while Sue Alexander accepted Alexander’s awards.

The pictures and the speeches are featured in another edit in this paper.

Dan Reynolds announced the winners of the Kentucky Stallion Owners’ Association (KSOA) High Point Awards. Each winner received a saddle with their award. Mind Games was once again awarded the KSOA Stallion of the Year, owned by Todd & Ecklar, and reserve was awarded to Eb’s Black Charger, owned by Triple T Investments.

Following the board of directors meeting, the KSOA meeting, the ladies auxiliary meeting and the juvenile auxiliary held Saturday morning, elections were held in the general membership meeting. Additional chairs had to be brought in to both the ladies’ auxiliary meeting and the General Membership Meeting due to the large numbers in attendance.

Complete results follow: 2004 KWHA Final Point Standings


LEAD LINE 1 Nathan Davis 2 Miranda Jackson 3 Kalie Childers & Jacob Raizor

TWO YEAR OLD MARE & GELDING 1 Spirit Of Mystery Charles & Kay Baxter Harvey Hernandez 2 A Major’s Tinkerbell Ronnie & Ruth Logsdon Tommy Loid 3 Flirtin’ With Cash Walt Bruner Walt Bruner

TWO YEAR OLD STALLION & GELDING 1 Forces Of Evil Bud McCoy Family Bill Hernandez 2 Electric Power M/M Bobby Jones McQuerry Stables 3 Four Star Acres Pride Man Sherman & Diane Williams Gary Oliver

TWO YEAR OLD AMATEUR 1 Romeo’s Midnight Star Jessica Smoot Buford Martin 2 All Sport Brian Habig McQuerry Stables 3 The Blue Print Tim & Lisa Newsome Newsome/Doyle

TWO YEAR OLD OPEN 1 Four Star Acres Pride Man Sherman & Diane Williams Gary Oliver 2 Centennial’s Copycat Linda Patton Mike Oney 3 FXP M/M John Gillispie McQuerry Stables

THREE YEAR OLD MARE & GELDING 1 Powder Pusher Rudy Board Keith Becknell 2 Sunfire’s Ms. Spirit Leo Doyle Mike Oney 3 Pushin’ Miss Mark Elizabeth Jones Bobby Burton

THREE YEAR OLD STALLION & GELDING 1 Midnight Dollar Quentin Fox Family Scott Beaty 2 Cool Texas Cash Shannon Harr Scott Beaty 3 Pusher’s American Dream Phyllis & Larry Coy Rocky McCoy

THREE YEAR OLD AMATEUR 1 Pushin Pac Man Carter, Carter & Parrish Walt Bruner 2 Fonzle Dr. Marion Pennington Bobby Burton 3 Mister Block Buster Bishop, Winstead & Zeller Tanglewood Stables

THREE YEAR OLD OPEN 1 It’s JFK Country Paul & Diane Dehler Gary Oliver 2 North Star’s Black Dandy Stratton & Dooley McQuerry Stables 3 Jose All The Way Ronnie Diedrich Keith Becknell

FOUR YEAR OLD AMATEUR 1 It Happened At The Ritz Terry Logan Lunsford Michael Alexander 2 This JFK’s A Pushover Linda Patton Mike Oney 3 Color Me Crazy Bud McCoy Family Harvey Hernandez

FOUR YEAR OLD OPEN 1 Pusher’s Purple Power Marvin Yeager Donald Stamper 2 Cennoid M/M John Gillispie Carroll Doyle 3 Hold On Loosely Mitch Stevens Mike Oney

AMATEUR NO CANTER 1 Goldwell’s Delight Cathy Aldridge Buford Martin 2 Mark’s Ms. Elegant Troy Pitcock Donald Stamper 3 Favorite’s Maverick Tracy Mosley Highland Stables

NOVICE AMATEUR 1 Mozart Brad & Stacy Rogers Jake Rogers 2 Olympic’s Ultimate Design Robert & Karen Roark Bobby Burton 3 Ben Dover Hendrick & Rector Bill Hernandez

AMATEUR OWNED & TRAINED 1 Pushin’ Melody Jim Floyd Jim Floyd 2 Red Texas Ranger Jared Scott Judy Scott 3 Double Shockwave M/M Andy Scott Andy Scott

LADIES AMATEUR 1 Papa’s Stargazer Andrea Lunsford Mike Alexander 2 Motown’s Good Timeing Lisa Patton-Evans Mike Oney 3 Clutch’s Custom Cut Kermit Tyree Scott Beaty

AMATEUR 15.2 & UNDER 1 Pusher’s Reflector Gill & Rogers McQuerry Stables 2 I’m The Intimidator Tim Napier Family Bill Hernandez 3 Ryan’s Fable Billy Ford Buford Martin

AMATEUR CANTER 1 Royalty’s Painkiller Terry Logan Lunsford Mike Alexander 2 Command’s Wild Card Quentin Fox Family Scott Beaty 3 Dirty Little Games Brandi Todd Brandye Mills

JUVENILE 11 & UNDER 1 Call Me Hytone Laurie Herchenroeder McQuerry Stables 2 Pushover’s Primetime Andrew Lasure Rick Tillett 3 Generator’s Patches Stephanie Oaks Keith Becknell

JUVENILE 12-17 1 Times Two Alma Hacker Dale Burns 2 Delightful George Lakita Lykins Carswell/Oliver

JUVENILE 17 & UNDER 1 Third Generation James & Renee Reed Buford Martin 2 Mark’s Pushing Lady Tim Napier Family Bill Hernandez 3 Persuasion’s Legacy Mike Berry Family Triple B Stables

TWO YEAR OLD PLANTATION PLEASURE 1 He Is Marked Jimmy Cotton Jimmy Cotton 2 He’s Lynard Skynyrd Carl & Carol Duncan Mike Anasis 3 Miss Oops-A-Daisy Paul & Diane Dehler Gary Oliver

THREE YEAR OLD PLANTATION PLEASURE 1 Kentucky Joe Rosana Wilson Ann Cotton 2 Jose’s Cheyenne Pepper Sandra Shannon Shannon Stables 3 Gen’s Magic Star Flora Lynn Howard Flora Lynn Howard

FOUR YEAR OLD PLANTATION PLEASURE 1 JFK’s Score John Mucci John Jackson 2 Power’s Medicine Man John & Pam Thornton Tony Tully 3 Jose’s Cheyenne Pepper Sandra Shannon Shannon Stables 3 Prescription’s Made Over John & Pam Thornton Tonny Tully

PLANTATION PLEASURE NO CANTER 1 Coined By Sally Gloria Mitchell Gary Oliver 2 Generator’s Mister Frank Carl & Carol Duncan Mike Anasis 3 WHAM! Jim Gillentine Mike Anasis

PLANTATION PLEASURE AMATEUR NO CANTER 1 WHAM! Jim Gillentine Mike Anasis 2 Pattern’s Gen Renee Allen Dauer Buford Martin 3 Generator’s Bright Star Terry & Ann Sams John Jackson

LITE SHOD PLANTATION PLEASURE 1 Son Of Dude George Quinley George Quinley 2 Gabriel’s Glory Glenda Kirkland Glenda Kirkland 3 Heart Of A Woman Skylar MacLeod Don Lominac

JUVENILE PLANTATION PLEASURE 1 Pattern’s Gen Renee Allen Dauer Buford Martin 2 Gen’s Magic Star Flora Lynn Howard Flora Lynn Howard 3 Custom Made Lady Kathy Jo Smith Dwayne Newby

PLANTATION PLEASURE CANTER 1 Boomerang’s Threat Glenda Kirkland Glenda Kirkland 2 Red Satin Doll Terry & Ann Sams John Jackson 3 Clutch’s Little Threat Doug & Brian Wells Tony Tully

PERFORMANCE PLEASURE 1 Color Of Cash Linda Goodman Jerry Goodman 2 He Walks On Water Tracie Shaw Joey Tackett 3 Richland Creek Don & Debbie Ratliff Debbie Ratliff

THREE & UNDER PERFORMANCE PLEASURE 1 A Rare Sensation Jackson Stables John Jackson 2 Maggie May Of Graceland Ray Burton Ray Burton 3 Pusher’s White Lily Ellis Farms Chad Sharp

COUNTRY PLEASURE 1 Taking Care Of Cash Greta Potter Greta Potter 2 A Sundrop’s Covergirl Colley & Duncan Mike Anasis 3 Mr. T’s Prince Ruth Lane Ruth Lane

JUVENILE COUNTRY PLEASURE 1 Generator’s Black Glory Nancy Williams Gary Oliver 2 Chance For Sun Walter Stillwell Randy Stillwell 3 Merrie Heart Of Gold Sara Johnston Sara Johnston

OPEN SPOTTED 1 Color’s All Lit Up Barry Isham Ronnie Choate 2 Patches Lady In Blue Brenda Highfield Brenda Highfield 3 Patches Bossman Brenda Highfield Brenda Highfield

SHOW PLEASURE AMATEUR 1 Clutches Holiday Oliver Stables Gary Oliver 2 Major Player James Griffith Family Kevin Luttrell 3 He’s A Blue Chip Burton Masonry Chris Burton

SHOW PLEASURE OPEN 1 Clutches Holiday Oliver Stables Gary Oliver 2 Ultra’s Prime Mover Rodney & Sabrina Young Mike Oney 3 Cactus Jack Prowler Beverly Scalf Rocky McCoy

KWHA LADIES AUXILIARY NO CANTER 1 Dana Pitcock 2 Tracy Stratton 3 Andrea Lunsford


WALKING SEAT EQUITATION 1 Nicole Smithson 2 Lakita Lykins 3 Emma Renne Jones

JUVENILE RACKING 1 Poncho’s Dream Elizabeth Dunagan Billy Howard 2 The Perfect One J.D. Angie Buckles Tyra Stables 3 Fantasy Maker Johnny Byrd Johnny Byrd

TWO YEAR OLD RACKING 1 I’m A Dumas Angel Barney Shuffett Billy Howard 2 Sassy’s Slow Gin Fizz James & Carmiletta Steele C & J Stables 3 Delightful Simone Marlene Handy Billy Howard

THREE YEAR OLD RACKING 1 Looser’s Bar Buster Roger Byrd Roger Byrd 2 Sassy’s Missed The Mark James & Carmiletta Steele C & J Stables 3 Extra Moves Riverside Stables Riverside Stables

JUNIOR RACKING 1 Watch Me Push & Pull Earl Reynolds Earl Reynolds 2 Another Keepsake Billy Howard Billy Howard 3 I’m Evil’s Choice Barney Shuffett Cliff Sullivan

SPEED RACKING 1 Sammy Davis Jr. Rick Deaton Rick Deaton 2 Comfort’s Shadow Kristy Sullivan Cliff Sullivan 3 Evil’s Oversight David Dobson Dobson Farms

STYLE RACKING 1 Percolator’s Prize Billy Howard Billy Howard 2 Generator’s Powerstroke Riverside Stables Riverside Stables 3 Gen’s Cotton & Lace Smith Stables Smith Stables

AMATEUR RACKING 1 Buck Island Bum II Glen Farmer Glen Farmer 2 The Performance Edge Ledford, Wright & Roberts Roberts Stables 3 Spencer Creek Delight Lisa Mann M & D Stables

FLAT SHOD RACKING 1 Sport’s Black Gold Barney Shuffett Billy Howard 2 Sunset’s Pure Image Tommy & Sharon Vivian M & D Stables 3 Block Buster Windy Cove Farms & Roberts Roberts Stables

TRAIL PLEASURE RACKING 1 Pride’s First Quest James & Carmiletta Steele C & J Stables 2 Push Power’s Cold Chill Julie George Julie George 3 Ravishing Ruby Jane Earl Reynolds Earl Reynolds

RACKING HORSE CHAMPIONSHIP 1 Mr. Powerstroke Julie George Billy Howard 2 Motown’s Senator Conley Gregory Roger Byrd 3 Jubilee’s VooDoo Star Gordon & LaMar DePoyster Greg Haley

WALKING PONY 1 Gen All The Way Tim Napier Family Bill Hernandez 2 Charged By Bourbon Stephanie Oaks Keith Becknell 3 Little Boy Blue Andrew Lasure Rick Tillett

YEARLING HALTER 1 Generator’s Scooby Doo Sandra Shannon Shannon Stables 2 Prescription For Blue Kenridge Farms Hands On Horses 3 Kodachrome’s Scarlet O’Hara Susan Wood Susan Wood

WEANLING HALTER 1 Shanghai Ritz V & H Stables Hands On Horses 2 Our Royal Princess Denise Calhoun Steve Calhoun 3 Ice Blue Lady Threat Cora Louis Cora Louis

OPEN SPECIALTY 1 Curtain Call’s First Lady Vernon Cummins Mike Alexander 2 Papa’s Twilight Zone Donna Byard Tommy Loid 3 J.D. Power Robin Cobb Robin Cobb

15.2 & UNDER OPEN 1 CG’s Pride Bill & Nancy Perraut Earl Brewer 2 Ritz Jr. Lewis Kenney Family Scott Beaty 3 Generator’s Miss Joy Donald Hendrick Woosley & Son Stables

WALKING HORSE OPEN & CHAMPIONSHIP 1 Johnny Orlando Linda Patton Mike Oney 2 Doing Time With A Pusher Denzil & Janice Allen Buford Martin 3 Superior’s Generator Threat L.E. Walton Tommy Loid

KSOA YEARLING 1 Prescription For Blue Kenridge Farms Hands On Horses 2 Clutch Full Of Trouble Paul & Lisa Massey Tyler VanGosen 3 Mind Of Her Own Sandra Shannon Shannon Stables

KSOA TWO YEAR OLD 1 Classic Games John Cox Family Brandye Mills 2 Wishes On Wishes Jim & Barbara Finch Carroll Doyle 3 Maker’s Eldorado Skid Montgomery Charlie Green

KSOA THREE YEAR OLD 1 Confidential Rick O’Neal & H & A Enterprises O’Neal & Alexander 2 The Guessing Game Luther Fuller Brandye Mills 3 Charger’s Gold Card Margaret Coy Harvey Hernandez

KSOA OPEN 1 Charger’s Back In Black John Cox Family Brandye Mills 2 Marked Black Paul & Diane Dehler Gary Oliver 3 Charge It Marvin Yeager Donald Stamper

KSOA STALLION OF THE YEAR 1 Mind Games Todd & Ecklar 2 Eb’s Black Charger Triple T Investments 3 Pusher’s Wicked Walker Ronnie Choate

BLUE RIBBON SHOW OF THE YEAR - ONE NIGHT 1 Lincoln County Fair Horse Show 2 KWHA Juvenile Auxiliary 3 Franklin County Fair Horse Show

BLUE RIBBON SHOW OF THE YEAR - MULTI NIGHT 1 KWRHTA Derby Classic 2 Owingsville Lions Club Horse Show 3 KWHA Ladies Auxiliary Spring Jubilee

ONE NIGHT SHOW OF THE YEAR 1 Casey County Fair 2 Richmond Walking & Racking Horse Show 3 Morehead State University Fall Classic

MULTI NIGHT SHOW OF THE YEAR 1 Carter County Shrine Club Horse Show 2 Morehead State University Equestrian Club 3 Indiana Tennessee Walking & Racking Association

JUVENILE HORSE OF THE YEAR Call Me Hytone Laurie Herchenroeder McQuerry Stables

AMATEUR HORSE OF THE YEAR Royalty’s Painkiller Terry Logan Lunsford Mike Alexander

PLANTATION HORSE OF THE YEAR Pattern’s Gen Renee Allen Dauer Buford Martin

SHOW PLEASURE HORSE OF THE YEAR Clutches Holiday Oliver Stables Gary Oliver

RACKING HORSE OF THE YEAR Mr. Powerstroke Julie George Billy Howard

HALTER HORSE OF THE YEAR Generator’s Scooby Doo Sandra Shannon Shannon Stables

OPEN HORSE OF THE YEAR Johnny Orlando Linda Patton Mike Oney




OWNER OF THE YEAR Sweet Revenge Stables - Linda Patton


TRAINER OF THE YEAR (Points) McQuerry Stables




President - Earl Rogers, Jr. lst Vice-President - Denzil Allen 2nd Vice-President - Gary Oliver Treasurer - Apryl McQuerry Secretary - Lynn Oliver

One Year Term (elected in 2004) Denzil Allen Wayne Altom Don Campbell Robin Cobb Eddie Ray Davis Allen McQuerry Apryl McQuerry Pam Pennington Dan Reynolds Kenny Smith Doug Stephens Donald Todd

Two-Year-Term (elected 1-15-05) Billy Howard Gary Oliver Earl Rogers Martin Cox Tim Napier Bobby Burton John Tudor Joe Herald Bill Carmichael Dwayne Brinegar Brandye Mills

KENTUCKY WALKING HORSE LADIES AUXILIARY OFFICERS President - Patti Reynold 1st Vice-President - Rebecca Taylor 2nd Vice-President - Denise Calhoun Treasurer - Marie Broaddus Secretary - Nancy Minton

KWHA JUVENILE AUXILIARY OFFICERS President - Laura Beth Comley Vice-President - Dalia Smith Secretary - Haley Allen Dauer