The Walking Horse Report has learned that the KY-HIO met and voted last night not to join the new Performance Horse Council.  KY-HIO was one of four HIOs asked to participate and is the only HIO to decline the offer.  The Heart Of America, PRIDE and SHOW HIOs have joined and will all have two representatives on the initial board of directors.  Those six members will be joined by two representatives from the Walking Horse Trainers' Association and Tennessee Walking Show Horse Organization along with three independent representatives.

KY-HIO representative John Jackson issued the following statement:
"The KY-HIO Oversight Committee voted to decline a spot on the Performance Horse Council at this time due to an insufficient amount of information. The KY-HIO will continue to serve as one of 12 USDA certified HIOs. The KY-HIO supports all aspects of the performance and flat shod horse and is opposed to any bill that would eliminate pads, action device, weighted shoes or HIOs."