Laurence Ray Kennedy, who ran the Kennedy Walking Horse Farm, for over 50 years of its over 100 year existence in Clarksville, Tenn., has died at the age of 75.

Kennedy who was most known for his white Tennessee Walking Horses appeared in the movies in the 1960s at the Fort Aldridge Movie Ranch located outside of Nashville, Tenn. His white horses appeared in Maxwell House coffee commercials filmed in Clarksville and aired nationally. Kennedy’s horses were well known all over in 1990 the legendary father of bluegrass, Bill Monroe, personally came to the farm to purchase two walking horses. Some of his famous white walking horses were also purchased by boxing legend George Foreman in 1999.

Kennedy was very active in his community and he donated horses to many good causes including the Special Olympics and the Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home. The Kennedy Walking Horse Farm has been in the Kennedy family for over 100 years and is currently being run by Laurence’s son, Kevin Kennedy.

Kevin remembers one of his father’s greatest legacies as leaving the farm in the family and instilling in himself and his children the importance of family, honesty, and horses. His father’s success came because he was trusted and truthful.

Kennedy is survived by his wife Sybil Chambliss Kennedy, three sons, Glenn, Kevin and Bruce, and five grandchildren. He was a lifelong member of Spring Creek Baptist Church in Clarksville, Tenn.