We had a great Bedford County 4-H Spring Festival horse show Friday night.  The proceeds will go to support our 4-H program, our 2,500 members and their 120 clubs.  Given the economy and the issues of the horse industry, we were very uncertain as to what our fate might be.

It worked.  We had a great group of generous sponsors from the community and the horse industry to step up and support us.  We had a great group of horse owners and trainers to bring out 230 great horses.  The SHOW inspection group worked diligently to assure that sound horses went into the ring, and they did their job well.  We had a large spectator crowd to come and watch and eat with us.  Our great group of volunteers worked hard to put this event on. 

All of this happened despite rumors and naysayers who lack a positive attitude.  All of this had to happen to assure that there would be a future for this community to continue with the Tennessee walking horse tradition that we so depend on for our livelihood.  To those who lack this positive attitude, thank those who have it for keeping hope alive.  Frankly, you all need to step up.  This industry will survive and do well if you do.

To all of you who gave us support, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Show Manager, John Teague.